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Screw killing gods, I got FLAGS to capture!

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  1. Sudhamayi

    Yo PVPguilds, I’m really happy for you, I’m gonna let you get the mount — but Kael’Thas in Tempest Keep dropped one of the best mounts of all time

  2. Smuch

    Ouch, that one did hurt…

  3. Schitso

    yo PVPguilds… thats awesome, your now up to what? 10 mounts? oh thats right your pvp you dont care about any achievements that dont involve killing each other

  4. TaskWizard

    @schitso, thats right, becouse killing 1 creature, 25 to 1 REEAALY makes you impressive lol
    PVP FTW, Alli till i die

  5. TaskWizard

    I am taking it as my responsibility to ensure that no horde character can get this achieve.

  6. Squeekers

    @Schitso PvP is so rewarding in and of itself we don’t need all that fluff to make it worthwhile.

    For the Horde!

  7. Bolder63

    May you die early & often TaskWizard

  8. vecna00

    May your blade chip and shatter, for your water belongs to the tribe now.

  9. Darkmushroom

    Oh boy, TDB’s starting trouble. Opinions aside – very cool mount, very cool post. Keep up the great work!

  10. Tehpr0zorz


    Because “MY MACROS ARE BETTER THAN YOUR MACROS” Takes skill apperantly. I’d like to see this game survive one week without PvE.

  11. TaskWizard

    i like you squeekers. ill kill you last.
    and bolder– ill have my rogue alt make you bleed to death. slowly. then camp your warlock ass.

  12. TaskWizard

    @darkshrooms — agreed. i would like to see pve gone for a year :) I know people who hate pvp, and it seems like its all the people who cant handle the fact that in pvp you will die occasionaly, and in pve its all pillows and bunnies. They are the kind that, when they are loosing a game, they will yell something like “XXXXX FACTION SUCKS! IM GOING BACK TO MY XXXX CHARACTER!” and rage quits. when we were probly loosing becouse they never do pvp and dont know rules of whatever they were running.

  13. Music-chan

    Man, the comments on this one have gotten rather mean.

    Personally, I’m not good at PVP and I’m okay with that. PVE takes a different set of skills from PVP though and there are plenty of PVPers who totally suck at the high end PVE content. It goes both ways. I have more of a “whatever floats your boat” opinion on what’s ‘best’ in the game.

    But people like arguing. That’s why we have factions and that’s why someone will always claim on is better than the other. Oh well.

  14. Xvi

    Omg the mouseover 😀

  15. Bielungen

    Didn’t really find the picture itself funny, but the shitstorm it kicked sure was hilarious!

  16. TaskWizard

    lol do love the mouseover
    && music-chan, yes, you might even say that this thread has gone “Player Versus Player” huh? did you see what i did there? .. no? … :’,(

  17. TaskWizard

    my opinion over who is great at which is– the same people who are awsome at one would be amazing at other also, they just havnt done it, so arent as good in the other kind (lack of practice). But in reality, they take MOSTLY the same skills, quick reactions, knowing what should happen in the fight, timing abilities, coordinating player actions, and studying the subject.

  18. Mark

    That’s not a mount. Look up the Swift Alliance Steed. THAT’s a mount. And my main has it. It’s no longer in the game though, sorry. It looks 10x better than that.

  19. Browncoat

    @vecna00 Dune FTW!

    That is a bad ass mount, no freaking doubt…. i guess i’ll start playing some PvP again, got some allys to kill!

  20. Rynoh

    Nothing can beat a wolf mount, ask @kassemg

  21. raptorx

    one cannot exist without the other i refer to both pvp and pve… if it werent for the years i spent on the SNES, NES and other systems i woulda never developed my twich skills or my timing, pve prepares you for certian actions as does pvp prepare you for certian pve situations its ying and yang man, you need em both to be balanced, and personally i roll full vicious with my trinkets being pve ones… and considering replacing my rings and neck for pve ones. one is not greater then the other, they are both fun in thier own right.

  22. TaskWizard


  23. Meatcleaver

    Looks like I’m stuck in some gang-war when I see some of these comments. Well hear ye hear ye, I play Alliance and Horde, PvP, RP, and PvE, and I love most of it. Raiding’s fun because of the challenge and teamwork, PvP because you’re up against sentient beings and comes with a lot of suprises.

    That said, great picture, great mount, loved both. Peace. <3

  24. Tj

    Seem to be trying to justify yourself to much Task, keep it up doing a good job.

  25. Crestllinger

    *Cues picture of zombie mage on raptor on laser shark

  26. Falos

    I’m riding a scorpion, your argument is invalid.

  27. Tôph

    ok for real what is this, im not finding anything about a new pvp mount anywhere… what am i missing here

  28. Shammah

    You may think that wolf is much cooler than my plain old horse, but did you know i’m riding this horse… backwards?

  29. Angelic_Mew

    Best. Troll. Pic. Ever… xD

  30. Yinello

    The new PVP mounts do look lovely but as usual that stupid flag just ruins everything (y u do this, Blizz).

    However it still doesn’t beat my most favorite; Reigns of the Raven Lord. It may be easier to get but it’s still so damn pretty.

  31. Slizzar

    PvP would be much better off without PvE:

    The game would be able to be more balanced (not worrying about a class being too weak in DPS for them raids)

    Top end PvE gear would not be able to give an advantage to PvP (ie shadowmourne, valynr, heroic trinkets ect)

    PvE would be better off without PvP:

    Nerfs to classes for PvP balance wouldn’t have effects on PvE raid encounters. (ie recent soulswap nerf for lock multi target, warrior damage reductions ect)

    Basically this game would be basically better as two games.

  32. LeonW

    Pfft. WoW “PvP” is boring.

    I play Eve for PvP. Because tears are sweet.

  33. Erom

    You sir, know the truth. Dying on arena or BG, and loosing ship in EvE… meh thats like earth and the sun.
    On holywar topic, PvP skillz > PVE skillz . You might not agree, but its a fact. Fighting a thinking opponent and fighting toughest scripted boss is totaly different. Adapting to every fight was, and will be harder then taking encounter with brute force over some time.

  34. Forestlord

    PvP is for shiznos

  35. Alphabunny

    Sorry to say, WoW PvP <<<<< FPS games, Console/Arcade Fighting Games, RTS PvP.
    WoW started as a PvE game with PvP servers that allowed players to kill each other when they got bored of the (what little they had at the start) end game PvE. If you really want to brag about your PvP skills you're playing the wrong game. Try Guild Wars. or GW2 when it comes out.

  36. Thorne

    What … the hell .. is THAT THING?!
    … and how do I get one, again? >.>

  37. Metraton

    Music-chan. I have to make another mean comment. PvE skills are different from PvP? Tell to all the bloody noobs on Vek’nilash, who migrate and shit on their realm for being PvE. What do they say? If it was PvP, it would get good players! It would have rating! It would have name! Best PvE players come from PvP! And this is relatively true. A full-2200 geared PvPer has to clear PvE content soon or late – when enough nerfs are applied during PvP progress. A PvE player who has bathed in heroics wants to kill some undergeared shit on BGs, once farming QQP has become easier. So both skills are similar. If you can carry flag and avoid shit. If you can move your mouse like a maniac in asylym, only to add a visual “skill” to your running around the target. Then surely you will avoid fire! Dont stand in Ring of Frost! Dont stand in Fire! Vice versa, if you have enough skills to heal fast, to save mana, to move out of shit, to burst – you will succeed in PvP. Skills are similar, but people are too dumb to understand that, and they QQ. Anyway, I have fun carrying the flag on WSG\TP with my 204k buffed tank Blood DK. Melee? I heal off them. Casters? I AMS them.

  38. Evil Squidward.
    Evil Squidward.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. *wipes tear from eye* *re-reads “pvp is harder then pve”* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…….

    most pvp is dunce worthy. healers dispel spam. warrs hound running casters, casters spam slows till they can cast. my boomkin pvp rotation in pve gear in world and BG pvp is as follows, and its a complicated one… “moonfire”…… the end. it works on pvpers. i can often get near top in BGs just with that one spell.

    sure pve might be 25 to one, but take ANY pvp group of 25 and tell them to fight NORMAL mode Alystrazor or Staghelm and they will not be able to do it as they cannot proccess more than “heal and dispel” or “run away and dps” . balling up and spreading, checking stacks, dodging a ton of fire, pre-empting boss mechanics or reacting to RNG. spreading out cooldowns (that one will get em for sure) and STILL being expected to consistantly do more DPS/healing/damage taking than anyone in pvp gear to kill staghelms 1.5mil normal mode health, or survive alythrazors soft enrage aoe would be far too much.

    the only pve experience pvpers get is the BH derp-mode pve. with minimal mechanics and a 10k dps requirement with the 2 basic tactics of swapping tanks with taunt and not standing in fire. pve’ers can do pretty much all pvp at a moments notice because it hardly requires any prep, planning or farming. once a fully geared warr or Arc mage pulls 40k+ (burst) resi dosnt cut it. and pvpers get out-zerged.

    as far as mounts go, ravenlord is cooler, kok’ron annihilator sez hi (because pvpers are to anti-social to make a 25lvl guild, nevermind grind rep), firey ravenlord soon to be available. as far as E-peen goes (the no1 reason pvpers pvp “lol i killed that undergeared scrub in wsg by camping the gy im so pro badass” ect) alar>pvp mounts.

  39. KDJB

    SquidWard: “my boomkin rotation in pvp rotation in pve gear” I stopped after that. PvP doesn’t have a bloody rotation. Never has, never will. Then I realized you’re a 1500 rated scrub that clearly was too bad at pvp to continue it. “spam heals and dispels”, you seen a 2600 ++ team fight ? They don’t waste any globals. As any high end pve content goes, yes, it requires alot better people then your average joe doing pvp. That’s a fact. But I dare you man, look at the amount of people getting glad over killing hardmode bosses and you’ll see a pretty distinct difference. Why? Cause glad is harder than that shit. So put your pve mantle on and keep killing the bosses for the 25th billion time, GJ man. It’s fun to see the lore etc through pve, granted. But that’s it imo. Having full epic gear and cannot being able to defend myself seems kinda.. Futile.

  40. Spiritwolf15

    PvP is PvP, PvE is PvE. They both require a certain amount of skill to do well at, no one group is better than the other.

    People seem to be forgetting that WoW is A GAME, it’s NOT REAL and really no one cares how many “noobs you PWN daily”. You want a real accomplishment, something to brag about? Try being on the top ranked team in your country for your age group in an actual sport 3 years in a row or something.

    Personally I do both (PvP/PvE) I’m better at PvE but I have fun regardless.

  41. bizarrogman

    I do both, do I win game?

  42. InZomnia

    To ppl saying WoW wouldnt survive one week without PvE. Not true. Now, suffice to say, it wouldnt last long without any competitive PvE either, but the PvP is so dynamic, that a old ass battleground like Arathi Basin still is mosts favourite. Not to mention the fact that til this day, ppl still dont know how to play it right!

    TL;DR – When this game “dies” is when it goes f2p, Blizz stops making new content, but PvP will still carry on for quite the while longer, simply because of its usercreated nature. I dont know this for sure, but it feels to me that there are more PvP hardcores than there are in PvE. That might be because Ive played private servers with little to no content progression, and that I now play PvP realms :)

  43. Ymer

    @taskwizard you just lost the game. I saw two people on Moon Guard with these mounts….

  44. DarkVeghetta

    This strip got me back into PvP. Screw raiding in Pandaria, I’ll go kill some gnomes like it’s still Wrath!

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