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Daniel Whitcomb, today's strip is for you.

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  1. Aristabratr

    Aww xD Typical angry inlaws. You would think as former warchief, he would have something stashed away.

  2. Evellewyn

    If I was a male, I would sure as hell not want any “Alliance skirt.” As a female, I also do not want any Alliance pants?!

  3. Advitiya

    Thrall and Aggra sitting on the World Tree… K. I. S. S. I. N. G!

  4. Exothermic

    What does the Death Knight writer at WoW Insider have to do with this strip? I’m counfused

  5. Metraton

    Ehm…if that’s a joke, it’s either very specific(for those that laugh when they are shown “.l.” or those who are not into the Lore at all), or very poor. Not only half of the text is utter bullshit, while the other is just foolarounds, but the way it’s made right on the day of release….Feels sick to read it after doing the questline.

  6. Metraton

    There could be other ideas for the joke….like a report “Thrall went missing after blablabla. Half and hour later he was saved and engaged to Aggra. Rescuers who didnt notice anything special but repetative killing of some adds, got high ilvl epixx, and are very happy” So that the irony, satire and whatever shit was aimed at the effortlessness of the questline. At the outcome(yes, very funny engagement joke still). At the idea where he has got all the epix. Idk, authors managed to make epic strips before, but this seems to be real continuation of last page’s Burnout.

  7. Kimberly

    My job includes posting our newspaper’s engagement announcements on our website. For years I’ve chuckled at the passive-aggressive way many of them are written. (“Dr. Jane volunteers with Doctors without Borders, fosters puppies, is a Big Sister and builds houses for Habitat for Humanity. Joe enjoys beer and cars”) so this one is spot on.

  8. Surmise

    Haha. ‘since he can’t finish anything else he starts…’

    Isn’t that a requirement to being male? ;o

  9. TooManyAlts


  10. The Risu
    The Risu

    Since I just did this quest last night, this comic amused me to no end. How deliciously passive-aggressive. :)

    As for the “Alliance skirt,” I’m pretty sure that fanfic writers everywhere are collectively bellowing a Vader-esque “nooooooooooo” over the fact that the hinted-at “Jaina and Thrall” romance will never happen. Well, as canon, anyway.

  11. GobHealz

    Hand Check!

  12. newbonomicon

    If we’re really lucky, Aggra’s gonna go all Lady Macbeth and we get the cool warchief back.

  13. Mikeztarp

    Man, WoW has really become The Young and the Gearless…

  14. Hunter Busu
    Hunter Busu

    HAHAHAHAHA! Spot on! I love this one! Really loved the part about the leatherworking in high school bit.

    All I know is when I did this quest last night I made dang sure my target was set on Jaina and during the whole vow giving I kept hitting my /lol macro. I thought it was hilarious that she was there and could only imagine what the Thrall/Jaina fandom must be thinking!

  15. Karl Gallagher

    /tar Jaina

  16. Alpha0727

    I loved the way that Chris Metzen ended any possiblity of Thrall and Jaina getting together. It was the best.

  17. Leilanirane


  18. FluffypawsQT

    Brilliant. This was one of the few panels which gave me a very hard time containing my laughter at work 😛

    Did the quest yesterday, and found it a little too mushy for the ex – ‘Warchief’.

  19. FreakOut

    This strip is just freaky when you actually check what was wirrten in most of UK newpapers today:

  20. tb

    Are you sure, Evellewyn? Jaina is pretty freaking hot.

  21. Lanalyn

    I can’t believe Thrall would throw away three expansions worth of feelings for Jaina so easily. We hardly know this Aggra person!

  22. Kaima

    Awesome strip guys!! You hit it dead on! 😀

    For those who are QQing about today’s strip — try being around someone who has a mother like that. Then the strip will seem a hell of a lot funnier. Chris & Michael nailed the tone exactly right.

  23. Spaceshaman

    I wonder what will say Aggra’s mother when Thrall will be the Aspect of Earth…

  24. Yinello

    And Jaina comes in and arcane novas everything!

    At least I hope so. She’d be much cooler as destructive angry mage. <3

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