It is our extreme pleasure to announce that Mike and myself have formed a guild for The Daily Blink, otherwise known as Deeps More Deeping. We’ve already got a lot of questions on Twitter and on our Facebook page, so I’m going to try and answer the big ones here.

Q: Horde or Alliance? What Server?
A: That’s two questions, you greedy bastard. But they’re important, so alright: We are located on the Horde side of Smolderthorn-US. Our sincere apologies to our EU and Oceanic server readers who might otherwise want to participate. You are more than welcome to start a sister guild over on your side of the planet, we won’t mind. (Just don’t get ahead of us on raid progression, or I’ll never heard the end of it.)

Q: Why?
A: Why not? It’s one of the best ways for us to interact with readers other than repeatedly posting “Hey, check out our latest strip!” It also gives us an excuse to roll new characters. Mike is currently picking between a couple different options, but I’ve squarely decided to level a Warrior, to see if I’m capable of serving a role in a group other than “The OP Fireball guy who still only pulls 4th in DPS”. We have no current goals or missions, or a particular focus on PVP or PVE. We’ll roll with the punches and see how it goes, and of course post updates as we continue to progress back through the game.

Q: How do I join?
A: Hit us up on WoW for now. We’re working on some guild communications outside of the client, but with our current small numbers we’re keeping things simple. We’ll be sure to send out notices when we’ll be online and sending out invites. Mike’s character is Twaffle and I have my Warrior named Dynoblast.

Q: Can I transfer my character over?
A: We’re not going to tell you no, but we think you’ll have a lot more fun leveling along with the rest of us than sitting at 85 waiting for us to drag ourselves up to end-game level.

If you have any more questions, be sure to comment here or track us down in game. We’re eager to get people in on the silliness.