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Dude, stop stimming, I can't hold aggro when you do that!
Dude, stop stimming, I can't hold aggro when you do that!

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  1. Zophor

    If only

  2. zimnic

    Marauder’s RPG projectile hits Herald Volazj for 150k In-Yo-Face! damage. It’s super effective! :D

    M&Ms combo would have been so nice to viagra no rx have versus all these nerubians and qiraji.

  3. AWildmann

    I would pay billions for that

  4. manos1234

    loved the purchase lexapro 10 mg Stim pack joke

  5. The Risu
    The Risu

    Oh man, I need to get another cup of coffee. I stared at this for a good two minutes trying to figure out what the punchline or gag was. There’s either something seriously right or terribly wrong with me in that I have no problem with elves in robes fighting next to mechs with ginormous guns. :D

    That, and even though I’ve been military for years, when I hear “tank,” I tend to think “dude wearing full plate” before “M1 Abrams.” :3

  6. Schitso

    wait so the punchline is mechs fighting alongside elves and such? how is generic viagra soft tabs 20mg this a punchline? thats just called epic. I mean if i was wiping on cialis brand a boss repeatedly and dps just left why WOULDNT you want a giant mech to join the party?

  7. Jesz


  8. zimnic

    @The Risu and @Schitso
    These are no mechs! These are people in power armors. Knowledge of SC2: Fail!

  9. Forestlord

    Screw the marine and the marauder. i want a freaking Thor and buy viagra mastercard a Colossus to replace my DPS

  10. Shiraiyuki

    want an ultra to sales of diflucan be my tank…

  11. Tseran

    Screw that, a a Thor tank….those things are damn near impossible to kill if you do it right, and with a healer behind them…

  12. Holz

    you could solo every boss as a dt

  13. Miranias

    Terrans=Humans=Alliance…*doing basic non math…math *cough** OMG HAX! CROSS FACTION GROUP! HAAAAAX!!!!

  14. GideonWells

    @Miranias, the whole group is just all confused. Man, I knew Goblins liked to play all sides, but I guess this takes the cake.

  15. boogie

    LF medivac for ZA must have Caduceus Reactor !

  16. Yanovski

    Haha, took me 5 minutes to get it!

    RealID also shows SCII playing friends and he invited someone from SCII for his WoW heroic :)

  17. ZergNublet

    Healer: “Wth! You die EVERY trash pull. I don’t want to keep ressing you”

    Me: “Dude… I’m a baneling….”

    Healer: “Oh… right…. ever considered rolling a Broodlord?”

  18. Metraton

    Would rather goblin to be a human….you know why. And…is it just me, or I havent noticed any Diablo characters?

  19. Mérrill

    That lock on the synthroid for sales far left looks strangely familiar.

  20. Chambertin

    I think you just perdicted the 2014 expansion and hero classes.
    Once they’re done with pandas and pokemon

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