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  1. CaspianRoach

    you’ll be able to talk to paying customers

    Only if they initiate the talking, mind you.

  2. Uriah

    Note: RaF trial’s teleport is disabled at this time, entanglement-assisted teleportation is still in development.

  3. Kairijin

    They’re adding Moneylending?!?
    I’ve already been in that profession for years.
    I hope the end-game bonuses are worth it!

  4. Mark

    Deliberately*, not that it matters much.

  5. Music-chan

    At least they’ll be able to take all the screenshots they want. I mean, pictures. Right, pictures.

  6. Deathythedeathknight

    Moneylending sounds like a violent profession, breaking legs and all if they dont pay back + intrest

  7. Luzkaz

    Totally need plumbing for all the medieval toilets in wow

  8. Crestllinger

    All the Erpers will be plumbers so they can fix everyone’s pipes.

  9. zimnic

    Plumbing shouldn’t be a proffession but a new combat role. It would add a certain kinky feel to all the fights. Unless you were a rogue for these past seven years. We all know how rogues do it.

  10. Daryth

    Plumbing! yeah, the definitive crossover between WoW and Mario Bros.

  11. Leilanirane

    @Zimnic LOL!

  12. Metraton

    While moneylending does not exactly seem a good profession, an addition of banking mechanics could be handy. To store gold with some % – what else can a bankalt wish? Or even anyone who is fed up with questing and grinding mats for AH. Although some restrictions should be – like a bankalt or some overfed player could store xxkg and get thousands of gold monthly(by irl standards). That would cause even worse inflation. Or actual credits from NPC – arent you people tired of sinking all your gold for repairs and pixels while all you can do is loot and recieve quest rewards? To make credits up to 20k gold with different durations, punishments varying from getting your rep reduced with all factions; getting attackable by own faction; or even character\account suspension. Although even it would be exploitable. But hey, arent there smart enough minds at Blizzard that can imagine it better than me?

  13. Ceric

    I would have went with Money Laundering.

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