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I will take that reaction every time over such classics as 'I'm washing my hair that night' or 'Sorry, I don't have a DPS spec'.

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  1. Idiotank

    Aren’t they cousins? I thought it was Azeroth not Alabama. Also Who goes to dalaran these days?

  2. Chris
    Chris Hanel

    I’m not sure, but two possible repsonses to that:

    1) Maybe that’s why she immolated him,
    2) Have you ever read Greek or Roman mythology? Generally speaking, gods and demigods don’t make the distinction.

  3. Krish

    Obviously no need for a pink dragonflight.

  4. Idiotank

    you mean purple.

    @Chris ya I guess your right also….NERF MAGES

  5. Tuck

    Who’s the Belf next to him?

  6. Katherinn

    Hey, Dalaran is the new spa getaway spot. Mages have to pay the bills now that the war is over. They’re now offering meditation chambers, yoga classes, acupuncture and three bars!

  7. Lyraat

    He must have said something really kinky because I say some dirty things to her, but Ive never been immolated.

  8. Music-chan

    @Tuck: Looks like Lor’themas Theron.

  9. Random

    @Tuck – Bronze Dragonflight guy I reckon

  10. The Risu
    The Risu

    @Idiotank: Unless I’m mistaken (and I might be, I need my coffee), all members of a dragonflight are descended from their particular Aspect and a consort, so that would probably make Calec one of Alextraza’s nephews or grand-nephews or the like. …Which makes it wayyyyy creepier in that respect.. :-\

    And I also think that that’s Lor’Themar, but is he wearing Sunwell gear? A bit old, but classy.

  11. Sherman

    …Where was Alexstraza’s consort in all of this? Her…rather short consort in dragon form XD XD

  12. Lee

    Something that’s always bothered me about Alexstraza and her consorts, as far as i can tell, she’s the only one that lays eggs… so doesn’t that mean she’s getting jiggy with her sons?!

  13. Valenhil

    I don’t think that’s another dragon, not Lor’Themar.

  14. Valenhil

    Sorry, I meant I think that’s another dragon, Not Lor’Themar. Also, every dragon is descended from its aspect, but is each aspect related to the others?

  15. Athaniar

    That is Lor’themar, same model, same armor. Also, this comic is hilarious.

  16. Zophor

    At Lee. Other female dragons can lay eggs. Confirmed in Knaak’s (ugh) novel and ingame quest in the badlands. So Alex’s consorts aren’t her own offspring (at least I doubt ALL of them).

  17. Scrathy

    In history the family of the kings and quens of england did engage in baby making with their family, at least 2 times in recorded history.

  18. Zachiel

    I suppose that’s Krasus, Alex’s consort? Different hairstyle, but looks like a blond blood elf, just like him…

  19. Jamz

    “Targareyans (SP?) wed brother and sister to keep the bloodline pure.”
    They are dragons. Therefore dragons have incestuous weddings. 😀

    Really Calec is the son of Alexastrasza (I think) and Kalec is of the blue dragonflight (and is supposed to mate…Tyragosa I think)

  20. Miranias

    I think I know why she did the whole “burnination” thing, Kalec has a little lover problem, every woman that falls in love with him dies, human or dragon. so yeah, I don’t blame her. 😛

  21. Draol

    I’m pretty sure the blood elf in the last panel is Krasus/Korialstrasz. Makes sense.

  22. Metraton

    Awesome logic, Miranias. Dont think they regret dying for him, and neither do I think he deserves such attitude, even in this another silly joke-strip.

  23. Falos

    I even asked a wizard and he was all “Fsking women, how do they work”

  24. Adalwolf

    Alexstraza’s face on 3rd picture is priceless!

  25. Deadmedic

    Dragons are Lizards, lizards don’t care about blood relations as far as mating goes

  26. Reiko Ebonweave
    Reiko Ebonweave

    @chris its not widly Published and all but Kalecgos is slotted to take over as the Aspect of the blue dragon Flight … that is why he is part of the Ceremony and or = status as Alexstraza

  27. Karrat

    Titans created the Aspects from Galakrond, imbuing each with different jobs/abilities. Wyrms existed BEFORE the flights as more like proto dragons. Alexstrasza’s OLDEST and first consort was a wyrm from before the titans. And far as I can understand, lesser status-full grown dragons can pick mates too, so the aspects might not be the only breeders.

    Also aspects don’t interbreed, usually. Deathwing’s flight due to experiments and lack of full grown females. Malygos cuz his last consort was killed and he snatched up that red Dragon. (last boss in nexus)

    Guy in last panel probably Krasus.

  28. Bobbross

    Woahwoahwoah. Alabama really? I’m from there and there’s not many rednecks, nor is there incest.
    Mississippi on the other hand..

  29. Shrike

    Poor Lor’themar. He can’t even get any recognition when he HAS screen time.

    (That is very definitely him: )

  30. Sinamon

    hover text is too true. ugh, now i have to come up with another excuse…erm reason. thanks for clearing up the krasus/lor’themar issue, shrike. that definitely is lor.

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