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We're looking at trying out Wowstead, so we kinda got this on the brain. Not a paid advertisement (though really, shouldn't that be obvious?)

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  1. TheGlactic

    If only… then I could really terrorize my guild.

  2. Sumadin

    They disabled Guild disbands with 4.2 but i guess you can still make it spam treats that includes kicking everybody out of guild.

  3. Crestllinger

    How 9ssoon can this be put up on Would be a Great add-on.

    A miner typo. fifth point, first sub point. ‘to’ that other guild, though its easy enough to fill in most shouldn’t notice unless they’re digging with a pick.

  4. Arkay

    Ironic that Crestllinger pointed out a typo with a post like that.

    That bulletin point does need a bit of love though…

  5. Uriah

    Good one!
    @Sumadin Well your guild has to be level 3+ to no longer qualify for Guild disbands with 4.2 but most will be 3+ I’d hope. =D

  6. Crestllinger

    @Arkay That was deliberate. I Like ze irony.

  7. Gabbriel

    Wife’s 3rd offspec ROFL!

  8. Derplor

    i dont get what a ‘hexed’ raid tracker is. rest is funny 😛

  9. Metraton

    As usually – like the DKP trolling. I hate guilds that feed veterans that arent anything special.

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