Feast your eyes on the brand new shirts we currently have up for sale! We’ve had a few designs in our minds for awhile, and we’re putting the first two up for sale in our store.

The first is a standard Daily Blink Logo Tee. You know, that T-shirt that every webcomic makes for themselves, and then they release it to the masses just in case? This is THAT SHIRT. We have had multiple people specifically ask for this shirt, though, so we will do those souls the honor of making it available in Men’s and Women’s styles and in a variety of colors.

The second shirt is a callback to our Ghostcrawler Levels Up strip and still remains one of our more popular gags. Perfect for the forum member in your life that simply will not go to bed until every employee knows exactly how they feel and has surrendered in kind. Also available in multiple styles and colors.

These shirts are produced by Spreadshirt and I bought one before listing them publicly to ensure they’re high enough quality to warrant your spending money. I can confirm that these are not paper-thin crap fabrics, and it holds up in the wash.

What’s yet to come? We’re counting this first round as an experiment to see what you all think of these wares and what we should offer in the future. Additionally, doing well with these means that we can transition away from Print-On-Demand. In the meantime, we hope to release more designs, including shirts for our guild, Deeps More Deeping, and some other jokes we already like that deserve some more art love. Plus, shout out your ideas in the comments! Is there a strip that would make a decent shirt? Let us know, as we might have overlooked it. But no matter what, be sure to check out what we have now and keep an eye out for more in the near future.

Thank you for supporting our webcomic and for your continued patronage!