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Well really, the first step is admitting that you have low DPS. Wait, which list is this?

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  1. Frika

    One more daily quest? Yeahhh where have i heared that one before? I think it waz yesturday but who said it…??!?

  2. Banhamner

    I’ve done stages 2, 3 and 5 far to many times 😀

  3. Raven

    Why Carl WHY?!?!?!?! I’ve been there lol

  4. Jennifer

    I don’t have a problem! I can quit any time I want t…

    Err, sorry, got distracted by my molten core dailies….

  5. Uriah

    Is it bad that I’ve been a Stage 5 player for years now?

  6. Dovius

    Awesome, but didn’t Flintlocke do something like this several years ago, but focussing on playtime?

  7. Chris
    Chris Hanel

    @Dovius: No fair posting the question and then offering up the answer before getting a chance to respond. Multiple Creation is a strange and wonderful phenomenon. Had never seen that one.

  8. Dovius

    @Chris Mmm, thought so, both are awesome, ‘course. And sorry for the unfairly posed question.

  9. Chris
    Chris Hanel

    No worries, just giving you a hard time. :)

  10. Rikuo

    @Uriah You’re not the only one .

  11. Olania

    As each alt hits 85 (7 and counting…), I understand this more and more.

  12. Substance20

    As a Hunter who vowed not to level another toon and was subsequently inspired to level a tank….yes. And now I’ve got a Healadin / Tankadin waiting to ding after getting my Prot Warrior up to speed. Don’t you just love Blizzard?

  13. Elderin

    What about the stage where you say “If it weren’t for my damn guild, I’d be playing Rift right now”?

  14. Kaima

    Just got the Molten Front Offensive achievement on four toons this morning. Have already mothballed another lvl 85 toon for the foreseeable future because there was no. freaking. way. I was going to do those dailies on five toons.

    Yeah, I totally relate to this comic. Probably a lot more than is healthy. :)

  15. Zophor

    @ Elderin

    Somewhere after Warhammer and Conan…and Aion, can’t forget Aion. Take it from someone who’s played it. Save your cash till Star Wars. Everyday I put up with “I told you so.” in my guild.

  16. Falos

    Fortunately I have only one true main and the others are like extra arms and legs to him, a crafting factory to cater to his needs. I deliberately neglect them, they’re functional but undecorated skeletons. My poor DK never sees sunlight.

    On the other hand I’m about to cap my last two classes and the main has like 6000 hours clocked, I’m running out of room to run.

  17. Artemisia

    The reason why the boar doesn’t have a liver is he likes his hard apple cider a bit too much.

  18. Polybreaker

    stage 5 for many moons.

  19. Mmrrggllrrggll


    “Why Carl!?! Why??!”

  20. Bear Pelt

    It’s scary; I went through all this during WotLK.

  21. Cpx

    Got all 5 stages 😀

  22. Mercadi

    I’ve been playing for so long that the step 3 no longer has any importance to me. I’m all like the guy in the last stage.

  23. bahakitty

    Imo stage 2 should have been the stupid plainstrider beaks, but still epic 😀

  24. Crestllinger

    GF>All. Especially when junctioned.

  25. Medros

    I stay at 5 for the first part of a patch as a tank, and then sink to 4 for the last half of a patch (when the new craftables are better than my Nef loot).

  26. Gnasnimadan

    The freaky part is this is actualy true (for me atleast)

    1: When I just started out leveling I didn’t want to level an alt.
    2: During the leveling I got angry at stuff not dropping from the obvious target (in this case boars and livers)
    3: When I started getting further ahead and learned about certain gear coming from what place I started bargaining about how I would give away everything for that specific item (in my mind ofcourse)
    4:During further playing I started to realize how the gear was going to be outdated so gear farming is useless and how I was risking loosing raid spots.
    5: Now a days all I do is dailies and raid occasionaly, waiting for SWTOR O.O

  27. Arivendi

    HAHAHAHA love this!

  28. A modest Hunter that wishes to remain Unknown

    Step 2 and 3 definitely defines me. You know how many times I was in an instance to get a decent Bow/Crossbow/gun? I can’t even count. Then as soon as there’s another hunter in the instance with me that @#$%ing bow drops and his roll is freaking 99+. Why is blizzard keep doing this to me? WHY?! I’ve been doing BoT/BWD many times on my hunter and even now that I have 365 engineering gun which the recipe was a faction reward of AoHj, that freaking bow/crossbow wont drop, but I was in a pug few days ago and the BoE crossbow was dropped and the other hunter rolled on it and bam, I WAS LIVID!!!! I an livid even now, WHY?!?!?! UGH…

  29. Squeekers

    This is why I dun play anymore…I wasn’t hardcore enough to worry about getting my dps up so I could raid cuz I watched my bf raid and it looked like fun…the first time. I loved bg’s but even there I felt inadequate because of my gear.

    I liked the game when my bf first made me play and I didn’t know anything about games at all and everything was new and I got lost all the time and I didn’t know if that dirty ally coming my way was going to blow kisses back or kill me before I remembered which keys to press.

    My main is languishing at 80 while I’ve lost track of my alts…gotta finish Borderlands, run through DA2 again, and hop on Rift…with a gazillion subscribers it doesn’t make a difference but for me all the fun was sucked right out of the game once I hit the higher levels.

  30. Shatterjaw

    Its ironic the 8 stages are presented in the above 2 posts, although badly mislabeled.

    Thrall is the Kubbler-Ross of WoW.

  31. Chambertin

    I quit my addiction. For a time.
    Now I play wow China to “learn” Chinese… I think I can order noodles outside, but you should see me raid!

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