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If everyone else gets to talk about Thrall's Balls, isn't it enough that he get them back? :D

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  1. Astalnar

    I keep hoping this realy comes to be. Otherwise this is the cruelest joke ever.

  2. bamadam

    If you’re looking for Thralls “stones”- check out “Orgrimmar Jaina” Proudmores purse. lol

  3. Katlamos

    Thrall 2012!

  4. Crestllinger

    Oh he likely will. Just in his book, and not in WoW itself.

  5. Jennifer

    Thrall’s Balls – sounds like a great expression to use when you whack your thumb with a hammer.

  6. TaskWizard

    well i vote we +1 jennifer’s comment

  7. Taijavu

    “..before unpacking his warhammer figurines..” lolz

  8. Billaxle

    I think Trall is going to end up with a “Garrosh clone”. He’ll be back running things in Org in the next Expan, but his toon wearing different armor will be busy standing around the entrance to one of the zones in the expansion prior. 😛

  9. Metraton

    Although criticizing jokes got boring for me, adding some logical theorycraft might be fine. It is when Thrall left his Warchief’s post that he got Aggra, so talking about balls is a bit…well, Garroshy. And it might be indeed that Thrall is back to his post, after what we read in Twilight of the Aspects. Thrall had to become a shaman during Cataclysm, but I doubt he could overcome his “thrall to the Horde” nature completely after it. Like, no shit – he will have a family etc, but he wont live peacefully with Garrosh provoking Orgrimmar attacks.

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