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I know a guy who works at the Arby's down the street from Blizzard, he says this is totally true.

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  1. Juggernauty

    Can’t believe this is real.

  2. Laecs

    This is so good! love it.

    Can’t believe this is all gona be implemented!

  3. Raven

    I love you guys! 😀

  4. Metal

    priest and shaman changes sound totaly legit.

  5. zimnic

    Mages – DERPing around since 2004! Also: Hogerer *snort*; amount of pages – looks totally legit.

    Priests should also get a new ability: Ask for Funds – poke a nearby friendly player to donate you a little amount of gold too keep you going. Mnimal amount of gold that MUST be given: 10, no maximum cap. This ability has no cooldown. Range of this ability is global. If a player can’t afford to donate, 10$ will be substracted from his credit card and sent to the Priest.

  6. Heph

    The gnomes! NOOO :(

  7. Sasha

    I heard of two other things getting implemented that weren’t mentioned:

    1) on patch day all bosses will have a hidden ability that will randomly disconnect one player, while it will usually focus on Tanks and healers, if a interrupter is required for the fight he may also be targeted.

    2) if you transfer all your guild to the opposite faction on patch day, all heroic modes become open to you regardless if you cleared the instance before hand. this will be working as intended as an appeasement to the hardcore raiders.

  8. Meatcleaver

    Last one was the best one. Absolutely. xD

  9. Crestllinger

    Don’t doubt the Arbys guy! He hears them talking shop! Not as much as the coffe guy though. Lol mages need more ‘Derp’. Druids have tiger/lion/panther blood anyways so this actually makes sense.

  10. Polybreaker

    i think the only thing missing is that its not in comic sans…

  11. Roteal

    We want the other pages! All of it is real. Blizzard infiltrated The Daily Blink to post this so that it seems like fiction when in actuality it is totally legit.

  12. Polybreaker

    Sheenkin talent: Tiger Bloodonkulus DNA – ’nuff said.

  13. Blackriver

    Since when does Kotick sound like Cave Johnson?

  14. Blackriver

    Also, I wish people would stop using the damned hash in front of “Winning”. It’s dumb.

  15. Katlamos

    Looks legit to me. I see nothing wrong with any of this.

  16. Doorofdoom

    OMG, they Finally are going to take that suggestio I put on the Suggestion Forum 4 Years ago! I’ve thought the air needed a grafix redo since… FOREVER.

  17. Faily

    Hogger´s Brother, Hoggerer is to be the next king of stormwind lol that´s nice

  18. fact

    the laste one is kinda true…

  19. Tom

    I agree with everything Blizzard is doing. Even though my two lvl 85’s are a “Gnome” Death Knight and as Dwarf “Shaman”

  20. Roaktahl

    Everybody knows the next CoT instance will be patch 1.1, now THAT’S coming full circle!

  21. Quinn

    You can tell it’s clearly fake because they aren’t nerfing hunters.

  22. Celestia

    Do I spot a My Little Pony reference in there?

  23. Tagartou

    I will be #winning! all through the next expansion. Can’t wait.

  24. Bork

    Eagerly awaiting the other 471.3 pages.

  25. Angelic_Mew

    I call it’s a fake. Druids get new form instead of having no less then 10 changes made to “balance” them? 😛
    Travel form replaced by Pony form, depending on hairstyle changes you into into one of MLP cast.

  26. Thiron

    Aggra X Jaina/Alexstraza? Meh. Now, Jaina X Alexstraza…

  27. E_troll

    Damn I liked gnomes

  28. derp

    it’s totaly legit. How can i tell?
    – no chages to rogues

  29. Lammadinion

    Brilliantly ironic.. or is it ironically brilliant ….

    Oh wait no warrior nerfing… OMG FAKE!

  30. Metraton

    So Alexstrasza is Deathwing. And Jaina Proudmoore. But answer the question of century: Who is Gamon?

  31. Arivendi

    Uhhhh, yes I agree, I want more pages. This made me giggle! =)

  32. Tuck

    Didn’t the Infinite Dragonflight also mess with Thrall’s lady friend in Durnholde? Seems they have a history in cockblocking.

  33. Music-chan

    Oh oh oh, druids get new ‘moose’ form so that people stop complaining!

  34. Mirokira

    Laughed so hard

  35. JesRaven

    Yay for Hammerknell! ….oh, waitasec…

  36. Foxfire

    I would totally renew my account if that was really the new COT and they did make Travel form into Pony Form.

  37. foxyfire

    Can’t beleive this is real! Will love helping raynor in the new CoT dungeon.

  38. Forestlord

    a) how can Hogger be dead and C’thun?
    b) this reminds me, why haven’ you made fun of Rift yet?

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