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Yeah. Sure. Put me on hold. I queue as DPS for heroics, there's nothing you can do that would make me give up.

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  1. Dovius

    Oh crap the alt-text is killing me xD

  2. knowlag


  3. zimnic

    Next thing I’d like to see is the Dell headquarters raided by Garrosh and his warlords xD

    And seriously, did these guys on the phone help lines EVER helped you out, or just gave you the very same advice as the internet?

  4. Glitterific

    lol, this is SO my computer. Stupid hard drive.

  5. Gameldar

    +1000 for Blood Bowl references!

  6. George

    That tech support guy deserves a raise for sticking to the script with an angry Warchief. Not that it’ll matter when the raid gets to the office.

  7. Mark

    My god, this might make me like Garrosh.

  8. Roteal

    Dell tech support at its finest. Having helped people over the phone before, it’s not easy… but if I had Garrosh yelling at me I think I’d try to go that little extra to help him.

  9. skidderhitter

    Wow, excellent! Garrosh is living my declocking NVIDIA GPU nightmare. I love how, after asking what my issue was, Dell proceeded to ask if I had deleted my temporary files and defragged. Are you f***ing kidding me? Do I SOUND like Strawberry Shortcake? *smacks lead pipe in hand* Reminds me of the time I was standing in line at the parts counter at Schucks; the guy in front of me wanted spark plugs for his pickup and the kid at the computer asked if he had a sliding rear window. Why don’t you ask me what color my XPS is? Do you feel lucky?

  10. Zophor

    This made my morning, lol

  11. Ohemefgee

    Garrosh is far too manly to ever be caught dead with an Iphone! Hes definitely an android man!

  12. Shannon

    Does this have anything to do with Chris’s sketch by @AlekseyArt? lmao…

  13. TaskWizard

    having played only mages and rogueses, I lessthanthree the alt-text

  14. Squeekers


  15. Crestllinger

    Mekkatorque on the oher end.

  16. Falos

    >I queue as DPS for heroics, there’s nothing you can do that would make me give up.

    Fsking LOL’d.

  17. Leilanirane

    I just did this with Sprint the other day, and you know what…I play a DPS FIREBALLIN MAGE and your “pls hold for a rep” time is nothing to random Zanda que time!

  18. Astalnar

    This should totaly be fully voiced. Would be hillarious.

  19. Foxfire

    Holy crap biscuits, Blood Bowl reference!!

    The alt-text is the funniest thing I’ve read all week. It was great.

  20. Pyre

    Going to have to memorize that alt-text for future phone queues. XD

    @skidderhitter: speaking as the “kid behind the counter” (though not at Schucks): you might be surprised what “the book” (oh, Daniel, the almighty Book*. /sigh) differentiates between when recommending parts. I’ve yet to see a reference book/computer/Mayan calendar ask about body styles quite -that- specifically in finding an engine part, but certainly Fram oil filter catalogues used to list mid-80’s step-side and fleet-side Ford pickups separately, even when they had the same engine.

    *It’s similar to “The Backroom”, where apparently retail clerks can go to get absolutely anything not on the shelves… up to and including product not actually carried by that store**.

    **Lest anyone misunderstand: this is a tongue-in-cheek comment. Much mystery and laughter has been had about the possible contents of The Backroom, particularly online.

  21. Tuck

    Queueing for heroics is a nice touch.

  22. Esme

    This is exactly why I started building my own computers after I had to do this with the dell I got as a teen. -_-

  23. Metraton

    So glad I never queue as dps….xept for alts…

  24. Tseran

    Ahhh yes, tech support. The bane of even the warchief.

  25. Eximus

    I just discovered something: the name Hellscream, could also mean Hell’s cream. A Cream from the Hell!

    Yeah… My imagination is stupid

  26. Paladinleeds

    All I can say is, absolutely EPIC alt-text! My respect for Garrosh has gone right up, and I’m an Ally! If he did that in real life I would high-five him! Could have at least given him a BlackBerry though 😛

  27. skidderhitter

    @Pyre: I was in auto parts for six years before moving on to turn wrenches. When I started it was all books at a speed shop. The kid at Schucks was just following prompts on a computer, and had no real knowledge of cars whatsoever… much like the dude at Dell. In any case, though the book might differentiate between stepside and fleetside, after looking it up a few times one should learn he doesn’t need to bother asking just as, after talking to a few people, Dell employees should learn to recognize soccer mom, grandfather, spoiled teenager and gamer.

    Ah, yes, The Backroom: the auto parts version of a Bag of Holding and the answer to every customer’s “What?! I can’t believe you don’t have the wheel cylinders for my 1963 IHC Deuce n’half on the shelf!”

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