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This should send the proper warning to that pesky Family Guy MMO.

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  1. Polybreaker


  2. Macaco

    I don’t get it. You mean like the “Wanted: Big Bad Guy” quests?

  3. Medros

    They really are…

  4. Daeem

    Funny, but Galaxies was canceled due to Lucas Arts raising the price on the licensing to a near unfeasible level, rumored to pave way for SW:TOR.

  5. Tylyn

    @ Macaco , no Galaxies had real Bounty “missions” or more like Player to Player contracts where Player A could hire Player B (who is a Bounty Hunter) to go Find and Kill Player C.

  6. Artemisia

    Ah, yes, the eternal and never ending quest to find a WoW killer…how many have died trying?

  7. newbonomicon

    We all know Galaxies killed itself with that NGE garbage. The fact that it lasted this long is a testament to how stupid SOE is.

  8. Sapanther

    Actually Artimisia, WoW was the SWG killer. Bliz released the wow beta within a few days of the jump to lightspeed expansion and drew a crapload of attention away from what was supposed to be the bread and butter of SWG leaving the game with no new subs. That led SOE to the drastic and fatal move of changing the entire game with the NGE which killed off the current subscribers. Brilliant marketing/timing for Blizz, overreaction for SOE = death of my favorite MMO ever.

  9. Harsh

    Oh, so you mean EVE Online? The game that makes PvP be more complex than “Ooo, it’s a [insert opposing faction here]! Kill it!” Where when you kill someone, they can put a bounty on you, and pay out to the first person to bring you down? High enough bounty, the more people are looking for you.

  10. The Risu
    The Risu

    Brofist. Awesome. 😀

    And I just know that Varian took all of them out WITH HIS CHIN. :3

  11. AWildmann

    I’d say guild wars 2 is gonna be a pretty good contender against wow.

  12. Yeou

    I had a laugh because someone at EU forums posted expansion idea of ”galaxy” xD

  13. Stoneblood

    @Harsh You mean the game where you put a high bounty on someone so their friends can kill them in the cheapest ship they own and claim the money thus making a net profit?

    Also APB:Reloaded is in beta right now, so not sure it can be count as killed. More like they have Hellgate London with the question mark next to it.

  14. Tek

    Does that say Hellgate London up there? That was a HORRIBLE game. Why isn’t IT gone yet?

  15. Drayden

    @Harsh PvP bounties were in Ultima Online before most MMOs were in development.

  16. Metraton

    My whole WoW-life I wished it’d kill Lineage…..Now I wish Aion and similar bullcrap would see it’s end, but WoW is weakening….

  17. Lolwut

    SWG was out before WoW, so it never tried to be a killer of such.

  18. DedTV

    @AWildmann People said the same thing about Guild Wars 1.
    But a game doesn’t have to be a contender with WoW’s 11 Million subs to be successful. People forget EQ was considered madly successful once and it peaked at just over 450k subscribers. They aren’t going to be raking in $800M in profit every year, but a lot of companies would be happy with a fraction of that and would work just as hard as Blizz to do it. One day, someone’s going to pull it off well enough to get more than just a piece of that.

  19. Errant


    Truth, case in point, City of Heroes/Villains. (regarding thriving, not being a WoW-Killer)

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