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Prediction: A glorious return to the next expansion where the new void storage and transmogrification is fully funded by EVE Online's largest money scam to date. EVE players worldwide agree that the confession video that hits YouTube is one of the funniest ever.

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  1. Kliker

    I’m a huge fan of dailyblink, but this one i don’t get… sorry if I’m too much in wow universe to know what about eve online, but honestly, i would like to understand this one, anyone care to explain? thanks!

  2. Qqiliektoqq

    Didn’t get it. :S

  3. The Fallen
    The Fallen


  4. Tarpit

    EVE will chew those wannabes up and spit them out.

  5. bhseigel

    I loved it, personally. But it is rather obscure for those who don’t fully understand EVE Online.

  6. Monadje

    hmm, 2 Ferox’s, 2 Ravens and a Wyvern.
    Can u tell me what system, my killboard can use this ;).
    But also i dont get the joke here tbh, and i play both games

  7. Ventismith

    @Qqiliektoqq and The Fallen –
    EVE is known for it’s completely player run economy and the scams that can be perpetrated by it’s players. The latest big one being a ponzi scheme which netted around 1b in in-game currency, around $50,000 in time cards if you were to recycle it back into the game.

    More reading:

  8. veggie

    hover text ftw

  9. FalenAnjel

    How I understand it is that the Consortium’s are crafty and money making machines, moving from WoW to EvE will screw them over- how I figure is because playing EvE takes a while and the learning curve and time needed is steeper and higher then WoW will ever be.
    e.g. If you played the free trail you won’t get far enough to learn everything about EvE; though personally after 3 days I just left the game it was really deep.

  10. TooManyAlts

    I wish they were a playable race…Pandaran/ethereals, just sayin’ it’d be awesome.

  11. Cressida

    “Filthy Assistants!” Obscure comic reference = +1,000,000 internets.

  12. Alayea

    @Ventismith: Thanks for the explanation! Daily Blink makes much more sense now. 😀

  13. Bosparan

    This one beats them all

  14. Esinem

    This is your best comic you’ve ever printed. Additional props for the Transmetropolitan reference.

  15. Foolosophy



  16. Wtfizz

    And I thought I was the only one who was wondering what happened to them…

  17. Giggle

    Heh, yeah, they’d totally be Caldari.

  18. TaskWizard

    Ethereals playable! yes! 5 bucks says this will happen! perfect way making an excuse to update Outlands!

  19. Natty4

    Ethereals are the race with the most consistent, coolest voices. Even when one made an appearance in WotLK (in a Violet Hold prison, no less), such a cool voice.

  20. Wulf

    Just as an FYI, I’m sure you already know that Blizzard reads TDB, but here’s further confirmation:

  21. Azuresky808

    LOL I love this one

    I played EVE over this summer and left after realizing it was just a player economy with fancy ships. Although I liked it (and may go back someday) I don’t have the time since I’m in the processes of starting my own webcomic :/

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