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Why do I climb the threat meter? BECAUSE IT'S THERE.

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  1. Chan Kaylore
    Chan Kaylore

    As a mage, running with mates has always been interesting to say the least. Given the changes that might happen with the next patch drop, I’m… concerned as to how casual pugs will turn out.

    Part of me just really wants to yell “I REGRET NOTHING!!” as I blow all cooldowns and faceroll to glory.

  2. Serap

    Back in the days when Iceblock was the most used mage ability or every trash pull resulted in 4 dead mages in the raid…

  3. Shannon

    Oh Em Gee! Mages are going to be totally unbearable now. Thanks Blizz! Good stuff Blink! I hadn’t thought of this aspect.

  4. Hawk

    As a mage is it sad that my thoughts were roughly around these same lines.

  5. Imraith Dos Santos

    We unleash … and mages shall totally rule the next patch!!! (And they thought pally tanks were arrogant…just wait!)

  6. Crakkerz

    As a healer, I’m not sure I approve of these changes. It will make 5-mans boring without the mouth-breathers ripping aggro off sub-par tanks. How will I ensure that I keep my skills in top form?

    …and no longer will I be able to laugh when a squishy DPS is smeared all over the floor.

  7. Myrianda

    As a tank nobody ever got threat off of me before this change…now i can just press one button to win. Yippee…

  8. Nate

    I’m equally worried about frost DKs. At least Mages can Iceblock.

  9. Malleus

    Myrianda, you need better DPS. As a Retribution Paladin, designed to use every CD at the first opportunity, it’s rare that I don’t need to Hand of Salvation myself at the start of a fight. Tanks often can’t hold DPSers in the first minute, though after that it’s OK.

  10. haggi

    SO glad i’m not alone in my opinion of the threat change.

    now sub-par tanks won’t be removed from the queues by the pool filter that is aggro generation…

    i liked that tanking was hard. it gave me a sense of accomplishment to be able to hold in the face of wtfdps.

  11. Mark

    As a mage, I totally 100% relate to and agree with this. More to the point I can actually run ZA or ZG again in the dungeon finder without winding up tanking it or doing almost no DPS.


  12. Crestllinger

    For the hover text: Because Its Red. ‘It’ being the aggro flasher light ^^

  13. Jaq

    As a DK, I am of two minds about this change:

    I main tank for my guild’s raids. My guild, collectively, has some of the most trigger happy DPS in WoW. “Wait until I have the mob positioned” to them means “Fire at the first opportunity!” I need all the help I can get sometimes.

    I DPS in heroics just to get away from tanking (yes, a 30 minute queue IS worth bearing for me in this case) as a Frost DK. There is nothing I hate more than giving the tank an ample lead, running in, getting a KM proc as I hit my first Obliterate, and watching myself go from 0 to 100% aggro in a second. Now I can, so long as I’m actually hitting what the tank is hitting, GO CRAZY. I approve of this change!

  14. zimnic

    What can I say. Even if a dumbass mage pulled 2 packs of creeps in heroics/raids I could always hold the aggro as warrior tank.

    Shockwave + Thunderclap win it all, suck it other tanks.

  15. QSilver

    Guess tanks won’t get MD from me …

  16. Random Mage
    Random Mage

    After the nightmarish runs through heroics I’m glad I don’t have to touch them again til 4.3

    Knowing my luck though, I’ll still get those people who can’t hold aggro through massive buffs and end up chewing on the business end of an angry boss.

  17. Alayea

    The bunch of you people need to sit down and take a breather. “one button to win”… how moronic a comment. Read the whole blog issue. This is only just the first step of changes, and the threat gen increase is mainly for new tanks in LFD who are increasingly getting stuck with geared-out DPS. AKA “DPS creep”. Yes, it was already becoming an issue.

  18. Browncoat

    As a healer, i think this change will actually be good for random dungeons and even some PuG Raids, where a DPS pulling the aggro could make a big mess (tough i have bress as a Druid and it does makes the fight more fun at times).
    For raiding it won’t change anything, as my guildies are not that trigger happy and the tankers never had much of a problem holding aggro! So i liked the change, the tankers DO have to pay more attention to positioning and moving the boss arround, so now they can do it better!

    Now, as an alt DK tanker, i TOTALY liked this, i have a poor gear (it’s an Alt, afterall!), and i had situations where i could not, by any means hold the aggro os a dungeon boss against a full epic DPS! Taunt, loose, taunt, loose… no more of this! yey!

  19. anon36426

    I don’t get it. Tank Threat increase = more pulling off the tank? That makes no sense.

  20. Natty4

    I love holding threat on my not-yet-85 feral druid…

    spamming Faeirie Fire…from range…

  21. xact4

    half of these comments seem to think this change is coming in 4.3…. this was a hotfix. it’s already in the game.

  22. Xaroc

    Does this means all mages are noobs ? since in both shots they pull agro

  23. TommiTMX

    I lol’d so much it was crazy…yes I mean literally lol’d

  24. FoxyMoxy

    Re @anon36426: the increase of threat to 500% instead of 200 or 300% ( I don’t remember which) means that the Mage has to do 650% more damage in order to yank it off the tank. (something like that, I may have made up some of the numbers)

  25. kryspus

    why warrior is not example ?;p Furry can overagro after changes :p

  26. Myrianda

    @Malleus – All of our guilds dps do about 25-35k dps depending on who is dpsing, and even then, I’ve tanked for plenty of ret paladins that pop all of their CDs at the start of the pull, never gave me any problems. But i do about 17-21k dps as a tank (Depending on what im tanking)…maybe you just need better tanks. 😛

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