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A BLESSING! A blessing from Bashiok! Ghostcrawler be praised! (Trumpets)

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  1. figgityfigs

    ROFL! Very nice :)

  2. Tradias

    Man if my mage was that ugly….

  3. zimnic

    I’m jelly now (if it’s true that there’s a closed Diablo 3 beta).

    Also: I second the motion to buff mages, even thou I do not play one.

  4. Chimina

    We need a giant foot at some point… maybe a giant foot instead of a banhammer…

  5. haggi

    so is that the epic mage transformation from patch 4.4 then?

  6. InwardChaos

    Quick question: why would a Human mage be picketing outside of the Horde’s front door?

    On another note, gotta love the alt text.

  7. Mark

    You’re a Wizard, Harry! I’m a what?

    Buff Mages, Wizards, Sorcerors, etc!

  8. JesRaven

    I applaud you, sir. Very Monty Python.

  9. Idiotank

    Nerf mages. Give me charge/ intercept on seperate CD. Nerf the hell out of hunters. Kill all gnomes (better yet allow me), and give me a D3 beta so I can teach a new generation how to play a barbarian (hint it involves weight lifting, beer drinking and excessive amounts of body hair/ odor).

  10. TheRagebear

    Mages do need a buff.

    We need seven more roots and snares, those damned feral druids still somehow get to melee me at all!

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