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It's too bad that the score sheet doesn't tell the whole story. Under 'Damage Done', they can't possibly list all the faction transfers, or minds I've broken.

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  1. Uni

    Yeah, we’re totally evil cause we didn’t pay some construction workers and assassinated a terrorist leader who later gave birth to a retconned daughter.

    All the Horde did was raze the city they were rebuilding and killed every man, woman, and child that couldn’t escape to Lordaeron. And commit near complete genocide on the peaceful Draenei. And captured and corrupted a Naaru to feed on. And poisoned dogs. And vivisected captured civilians. And developed a plague to destroy all life. And deployed it. And nuked a school for young druids. And captured, tortured, murdered and skinned night elves in Ashenvale.

    Withholding wages WILL NOT STAND!

  2. Billaxle


    I know, right? The Horde is freaking awesome! 😀

  3. Durenas

    No mention is made of the fact that Onyxia was responsible for the whole thing.

  4. Karot

    …and this is why there’s a language scrambler.

  5. Squeekers


    For the Horde!

  6. Aliok

    @Uni: I think you’re missing the joke.

  7. kennyvonk


    Then again, when the orcs raided the Draenei city, they were corrupted by Kil’Jaeden, and when the blood elves captured that Naaru, they weren’t Horde blood elves, they were Sunstrider’s blood elves. Also, the one who nuked that druid school was deservedly punished by Garrosh himself for disobeying his orders.

  8. Kcivrots

    @kennyvonk Thank you for that. I was about to do the something :) In addition, the plague to destroy all life (can only assume your talking about wrathgate, not Gilneas) was created by traitors who then took over Undercity and were lead by a demon, who was then killed by horde forces. By the way, thanks for taking care of Putress. That guy was a mess.

  9. tgk


    In order to build a city or repair one you need building materials like wood, stone and steel. The only possible source of wood near Orgrimmar is Ashenvale as the surrounding to the south of Orgrimmar (which falls under the Horde territorium) are steppe enviroments in which few trees grow. The humans could get all the wood they needed from Elwynn Forest (which was in their controle).

    So if you needed to build a city or needed repair your city due to some cataclysmic event and there is enoug wood on your doorstep would you not grab it?

  10. manos1234

    we need after deadmines a followup dungeon in SW which will involve killing the nobles and taking the gold to the poor homeless in westfall as attonement

  11. natem

    not to put too fine a point on it, but the horde kill them too. and the orcs are more or less an army of demons from a foreign land bent on conquest. go home.

  12. Adam


    I agree. Being stupid enough to build a city in a lifeless desert does give the Orcs free reign to murder and burn the next zone.

    Wait, no it doesn’t.

  13. Lyxi


    You’re right of course. If an earthquake shatters my home that gives me every right to loot the neighbour’s house.

  14. Ian42

    Good grief, people. It’s a comic, it’s a joke. He pointed out one bad thing that some of the alliance had done to one gullible guy so they could cap the flag. That is all. In case you haven’t noticed, both sides have done bad things. You’d think you guys were demarcates and republicans arguing over who is worse. The fact is, like in the real world, we are all just trying to live and enjoy ourselves while keeping the real nuts from destroying everything.

  15. ijffdrie

    All the non-deserted areas on the continent were already declared sacred ground.

  16. Korall

    Soooo many people missed the joke… Soooo many people…

  17. Shiran

    This is absolutely preposterous. Undead cannot talk to Humans anymore. And considering Undead are planting live humans into the grounds as seedling and actually wage Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction, they really have no room to speak about the gang of petty criminals. The only Horde race which is not completely atrocious are Tauren though.

  18. Forestlord


  19. Quickstrike


    The Orcs are not as atrocious a race as you may think. They can’t be held responsible for their actions as it was one Orc’s decision to enter into a contract with the Burning Legion which corrupted them. Upon the Orc’s victory over the demons they immediately lost the urge to kill and even became regrettable for their own actions as seen in the Alliance containment camps. They all lost the will to live and because suicide to an Orc is not honorable they just accepted their fate as being worthless and submitted completely to their captors.

    Long story short, Thrall who saw the cruelty of humans first hand, but also recognised the good in others, he broke the Orcs out of the camps and gave them a new hope. The Orcs were all about Shamanism originally and were a mostly peaceful. I recommend you read the book “Lord of the Clans”. Maybe it will give you an enlighting view on the subject.

  20. Lycant

    Yeah Orcs and Drenai, go home! Bloody imigrants lol

  21. Chambertin

    Dont forget the next part of the quest when you have to dress up a robot in drag with apples for boobs to fool the guards allowing you to kill more “conspirtors”

    I think stormwind content was written by out of work Soap Opera writers. Or maybe storylines liek this are what the SAG writers make when their on strike??

    Any way you look at it, pretty funny.

  22. Torgian Rune
    Torgian Rune

    Don’t forget the part where the King of the Alliance has to show up personally in ICC to tell his dickhead underlings to let a grieving father claim the fallen, corrupted body of his son…

    That part is ALWAYS classy. >.<

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