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This picture almost not used, out of fear of his degree being cause enough to be sent letters by Bethesda's legal team.

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  1. Substance20

    At least he won’t be hauling crates once the next expansion arrives.

  2. DeGei

    That alt text man, wow. Topical and funny as heck.

  3. Tru'Nembra

    Well at least he picked a campus that was as hot as his lair….these triple digits are killing me.

  4. Crestllinger

    Bet he went with Aflac. Cause his goose is cooked.

    To Blizzard: make that hat a cloth drop!

  5. Calethal

    Not going to lie, the mouse-over text made me laugh just as hard as the actual comic.

  6. masterprtzl

    holy crap the mouse over is golden.

  7. Jake

    Great Mojang refrence, ironically enough watching the yogscast, who seem to play only Minecraft and indie games now, prompted me to go back to WoW. I guess that’s kind of ironic

  8. Alayea

    I’m afraid the humor of the alt text is lost on me.

  9. Zulandir

    @Aalayea: Bethesda, makers of Morrowind The Elder Scrolls, filed notice of trademark infringement against Notch, makers of Minecraft, over the use of the word “Scrolls” in a Minecraft title.

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