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  1. NecroMac

    hahahaha so true 😀

  2. Grinning Julian
    Grinning Julian

    I lol’d. Then I did this creepy grin and wiggled my eyebrows at Reg.

  3. AWildmann

    Gotta agree there, Blizzard did a lot of stuff indeed

  4. Diablo 3 Gold Tips

    Lol. If this Diablo 3 Real Money Transaction Auction House is a flop, we can always torture them with “The Comfy Chair!”

  5. Garabaldi

    Loooong time Monty Python fan…

    I’m in tears here, laughing so much.

    Dead in the black guys. Great one!

  6. Daleness

    so awesome ^^

  7. Esme

    Great one here guys!

  8. Uriah

    I see what you did there 😀

  9. Malleus

    Garabaldi – you found it … wisible?

  10. Mark

    I’m not sure that makes requiring online connectivity for Diablo 3 acceptable. All that does is ensure you can’t resell it. Uh, thanks? Between this, the real money AH system, and me not being a huge Diablo fan to begin with, I’m likely to skip Diablo 3.

    Also, it should be Authenticaters. “Authenticators” would be people who authenticate, right? 😀

  11. Kendra

    I so read this in their voices XD

  12. sirfwalgman

    Blizzard has done plenty for us… Not so sure about Activision-Blizzard. Seems like they forgo what made Blizzard great.. they do not care about the little touches, just get it out, and generate more money for us.

  13. The Risu
    The Risu

    Magnificent Bastards, the lot of you. A brilliant take on a brilliant movie moment. I tip my hat to you, good sirs. :)

  14. Garabaldi

    Malleus…just call me Biggus Dickus. :)

  15. Music-chan

    Oh God, it’s so true! It’s so hilariously true!

  16. Crakkerz

    Activision is a bunch of splitters!

  17. Slinky

    Monty Python’s Life of Brian, such a win. I salute you fine gentlemen for coming up with this. 😀

  18. Amarthi

    And they never attacked us with pointed stick !!

  19. Malleus

    Garabaldi – are you sure? It would mean your wife was Incontinentia Buttox.

  20. Jaq

    /long and hearty applause.

  21. Crestllinger

    Great for everything else they’ve done so far yes That goes without saying. Now as to this and, mind you looking at it as a stand-alone game, NOT the shiny rep of the past, we’ll see. Worst case scenario these issues may hinder its startup but I can’t see it being a long term thing as if it proves a severe issue they can and will scrap the problem.

  22. no

    I just can’t get past the feeling I’m buying another D2. It just doesn’t look different enough to justify another $60. Sorry Blizz. I’m sitting this one out.

  23. Forestlord


  24. Hurlrage

    I’ll be sitting out D3.
    WoW for online gaming, D2 for offline gaming (think holiday) where I don’t have an internet access.

  25. Bahamuto

    I have a guild named “The peoples front of Azeroth”

  26. Taijavu

    Lol great use of a classic scene.

  27. Dzonatan

    Cross-game chat = yeah so… who chats nowdays? Ironicly the very games they create just “happened” to be very solo mode friendly so… yeah… I may be able to chat across games but for some reason there isnt much of a reason to actually interact between players now is there?

    Cheating prevention = MMOwned says “hi”

    Blizzcon = Europe players say “hi”

    the league system = for minority…

    Authenthicators = already hacked…

    South Park episode = Which supported the stereotype even more and only added more fuel to the fire.

    Heirloom Gear = low pvp imbalance, fake progression of making more chars.

    The armory = this one is good, I’ll admit.

    making MMOs new mainstream = I think giving anything to mainstream is anything but a good thing. There’s a reason niche things have their charm and cliche thing being cliche.

  28. BobTbuilder


    Cross Game Chat: Who chats nowadays? Seriously, this is your response? Friends chat, that’s who. Do you not have any? I use the chat function to chat with all my friends who play World of Warcraft, and also the ones who are playing Starcraft II. It’s great with RealID now as I can even chat to my friends who play horde characters, which was impossible before…

    Cheating Prevention: MMOwned sucks donkey balls, most of the trash on there is pointless, and people who cheat never prosper.

    Blizzcon: Well, I too wish that it wasn’t only viable for US players, but suck it up like the rest of us do.

    The league system is available to anyone, if you don’t like it, I believe YOU are the minority

    Authenticators: Already hacked? And? The only people that get hacked WITH an authenticator are the ones who are too dumb to use proper security measures on their PC…End of Discussion.

    The South Park Episode: Added more fuel to the fire in what sense? The Episode was taken as a joke by most people with common sense, anyone viewing it as a gospel reproduction of friends playing world of warcraft needs to have their head read…

    Heirloom Gear: Has only destroyed low lvl PvP for people who don’t yet have a max level character to buy the heirlooms. Simple answer? Level your character and start earning those Justice Points….Also, how is making more characters “fake progression”?

    The Armory: Yes, well done you; The Armory is a great service.

    Making MMO’s new mainstream: So considering that Blizzard is a company, and every single company’s purpose is to MAKE MONEY, you are suggesting that they shouldn’t have made it available to so many players to increase their revenue just because you wanted to be one of the cliquey kids? Seriously, grow up :\

  29. Chris
    Chris Hanel

    I’m all for having the discussion, but let’s make sure to keep it civil, guys. We’re inching towards the “It’s Okay to Not Like things (But Don’t be a Dick About it)” territory.

  30. Dig


    1; I’m with him on that actually… It’s a cute feature, but steam does the same thing and I hardly use it either. I have a dozen ways of contacting friends that doesn’t require them to be playing a game.

    2; Sure they don’t… if that makes you feel better about it. You should research how much money has been made cheating in WoW, I know it blew me away.

    3; I’m not much of a Con person, and paying nearly a grand for travel, lodging, etc to watch blizz adverts isn’t my thing.

    4; He’s saying only a minority of people use it. PvP in WoW was a joke anyway.

    5; I’m a fan of the Auth’s myself, was a damn cute idea, and a lot of places are using similar systems now (Rift for example has the same thing, only as a moble app so you don’t have to buy it).

    6; The south park episode was funny, but it just made the people playing WoW look more like shut-in’s and outcasts. That was also about the time that the quality of the players seemed to drop off sharply as I recall…

    7; I liked the heirloom gear. The progression thing he mentioned was that you’d be grinding through character after character doing the same quests over and over.

    8; Armory is a nice tool.

    9; Alright, pretty much everything you wrote on this one was annoying.

    If their only purpose is to make money, they’ve done it well. And the game suffered the same fate you see with every other industry run by accountants; gradually watered down and generalized until it’s a cheap plastic knock-off of itself.

  31. Dzonatan


    Pretty much what Dig said but still there are few things I would like to add (BTW cut on your tone ok? I dont recall being rude to you so I expect the same from you)

    1) Cross faction communication (paid on top of that) . . . ok… so much for the War in Warcraft. You seem to ignore the fact that cross game chat is a rip of since… well… Skype is still around I’m pretty sure using my mouth to talk and fingers to play is more optimal (and free) then paying for the same thing (actually worse since you cant play and type at the same time). Also you forget that MMOs used to be recognized for socializing but now they are actually made in a way to make sure you can play alone AND pay to actually socialize cross games… ironic much?

    2) Got SGather from MMOwned and used the hell of it untill it was made paid to use, didnt get banned… but yeah MMOwned sucks donkey balls, what do I know right? Currently avaiable program called “LazyRaider” on MMOwned which pretty much automates rotations… yes even conditional ones we have right now, along with the fact that it doesnt use memory and injections so the only way to ban someone for using it is when he does his rotation perfectly. I would love to see unjust bans for that but hell! MMOwned sucks donkey balls! what do I know right?

    3) “suck it up” attitude is exactly what gives the opposite effect to whatever you want to prove. You make it look like you dont care and the message on the other side is that its “okay” to dont give a damn about his/her/its problems. Just so you know this is exactly what actually pushes away people from keeping playing games. I know it did me. I wont pull numbers of my ass but im fairly sure a fair part of the fabled 900k left for this reason. Just look on the forums and in game communication for the love of god!

    4) What Dig said.

    5) Survival of the fittest attitude eh? Just so you should already know… There’s no such thing as perfect fool-proof way to never get hacked. Back in a day there was a bug slipped in and even on MMOChampion. Nobody saw that coming and a lot of people got hacked but I guess they all deserved it eh? Tell me please… just what in the world can stop this from happening agian?

    6) You do realize common sense is pretty much dead these days?

    7) Doing same thing over and over and over and over and over… but get rewarded better and better and better and better… never to be faced with the fact that your subpar and when you finally reach that wall, “convieniantly” all raids have been nerfed and all those farmers can easily use an excuse that they simply didnt had enough gear or cba. That’s so fake that I cant even describe it. Also… you honestly believe that for doing what you want you have to first do something mundane in order to do what you want? Talk about reacting to the symptom but not the problem there mate…

    8) Yeah we’re done here

    9) You can’t justify everything by money my friend…
    Pigs get fat, Hogs get slaughtered.
    Greed is good, Gluttony is not.

    You can still earn a lot of money and still remain a nice niche game company who makes games… not “I want to feel good about myself” burger service.

  32. Rhenaya

    haha, this is just triple fun for me… not only did i watch the original movie yesterday (for the first time… but well, it was about time to close that gap in education, no?) … but i also know the perfect blizzard hater who will ramble about stupid little stuff he dislikes on blizzard, and then goes on how x is better at this and y better at that … but both are weak in everything else ^^

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