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He saw the big unveiling you tried to do today / But no killing aspects means he still votes nay / and now such a plot point might be just the only way / There might be blood, it might be yours / so go burn someone, Signed Bad Horse.

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  1. Sarge

    Win. So much win!

  2. AaronJ

    Hey, i respect deathwing, he’s not just a loot pinata to me, alright, mabey a little bit…. actually a lot. but er, yeah go deathwing, to the pits of hell

  3. ShinitaiHana

    so Arthas did have a fallback plan!

  4. Nathanyel

    The Dr Horrible reference is the icing on the cake .P

  5. Ornantius

    Yay! Dr. Horrible

  6. Sinamon

    thank you for the dr. horrible reference. :-)

  7. Random Mage
    Random Mage

    I doubt Deathwing will be set on fire the way Fire mages have been nerfed. Warlocks are all well n good, but its just not real fire. You know.

  8. Zophor

    I feel him man.

    My personal opinion is that Cata was an attempt to go back close to BC style of raiding and dungeoning. But after Wrath..yeah. People got too used to the handholding . Hell, in a way it was even better, since in BC the last boss of a heroic dropped epics, unlike the starter heroics in Cata.

    Also sometimes I feel like the bulk of people playing WoW started on WC3 and don’t seem to realise just how many characters there were in the first two.

  9. Mikeztarp

    Love the details in Arty’s office. xD

  10. Ruana

    Alt text for the MFW.

  11. Teddy

    Bad Horse incoming to WoW?
    I’m totally ok with this.

  12. Idiotank

    Okay here is how Deathwing gets the respect he deserves. Attack stormwind, kill everyone, Attack Darnasis, Kill everyone, Attack Org, Kill Garrosh. and a few bloodelves

  13. Abominae

    Heh. Love the “Hang in there” kitty poster. Nice touch. ^.^

  14. Tehcrash

    This chin is not his hammer.

  15. Music-chan

    Mouseover FOR THE WIN.

  16. Advitiya

    Bhainskieyes: So you see… I started playing when people were already trying to kill you… I leveled in your reign of terror. I liked it because that was my first time playing the game.

    Arthas: uhum…

    Bhainskieyes: But by the time I was geared to kill you, everybody was so bored with you and Fordring’ long winded speeches that I could not get to you! I killed all your minions; over and over and over again! But couldn’t kill you! How do you think that made me feel? *draws sword* Die motherfuckin overcharging pseudo therapist! die die die! corruption! HoG! hellfire hellfire hellfire!

    PS. I love the comic! 😀

  17. VioletArrows

    Yeesh, if dragons can pick their human forms, why did he give himself *that much* of a receding hairline? XP

    At any rate, he’d likely get a little more respect if he didn’t hide like a puss save for three quests throughout the whole game, two of which being in the same lowbie zone and the best one he gets his face beat in THREE TIMES.

    Arthas may have been a necrophiliac jerkface, but he knew how to run an expansion. Hell you even got to *be* Arthas a couple times. He stopped by frequently to taunt or compliment you and he got everyone angry and excited at the same time.

  18. Jennifer

    Dr. Horrible! I love that movie!

  19. Zophor

    @ VioletArrows Oh yes Arthas regularly appears.. to tell you he’ll let you go THIS TIME. I lost how many times he let me go.

    Deathwing on the other hand, when he appears, people die. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. He’s not hiding away in some cave waiting for us to come kill him. He regularly flies around random zones torching whoever makes the mistake of getting in his path.

  20. RoboticDragon

    Deathwing will make his grand entrance don’t you worry >:)

  21. Yokokurama

    I respect him i understand the lore and know him for what he is at least twice as big of a badass then emo arthas atleast.

  22. Natty4

    Maybe, but to most of us…he’s the most one-dimensional boss this game has yet to see (in end-game). There’s no possible love story or a horrific background…no root cause (that was interesting). No pity, no remorse. It’s just an overly done boring bad guy with NO emotions. Arthas was someone whose side you could take, someone you could hate, and someone who looked awesome all at the same time. Definately not as strong as Deathwing, but definately more COOL. (Also, the voice is a plus)

  23. Meatcleaver

    Yes, because obviously being tricked into becoming the Aspect of Death, being tormented, tortured, and eventually forced to cause the end of the world, driven insane by his experiences just isn’t worth pitying. I, for one, do feel bad for him, and I also hope to see a happy end. Even though we probably won’t get it (or he, for that matter).

  24. Bear Pelt

    Hahaha cotton swab!

  25. Zophor

    @Natty 4 if by ‘most of us” you mean those that only started in WC3 and couldn’t be bothered to look at any lore character except those introduced therein…then yeah, he’s one dimensional.

    Deathwing did not start evi. Hell his name isn’t even really Deathwing. Wowpedia is your friend if you’re actually interested in what makes him tick.

  26. Natty4

    @A lot of you
    Hmm. As a player who started only during the Burning Crusade, I don’t really know much of WC3. The way Blizzard has portrayed him in trailer was just awful and one-dimensional (or at least that’s how I saw it). If they really wanted to show him as a tortured soul, they would’ve put a narrorator explaining his past for a few seconds of the xpac trailer….or anywhere. Arthas was clearly someone who was loved by other characters, shown to have been good at some point, etc.

  27. Sarrior

    Icecrown Citadel was merely a setback!

  28. Browncoat

    Deathwing does feels a bit “generic enemy”, mainly because Arthas had such a big history since WC3! But you can`t deny he is badass, changing the face of azeroth and killing things at random! Let’s hope that the next patches develop his image a bit more (and that his raid and fight is worth it!)

    Also, loved the Dr. Horrible reference!

  29. Dovius

    Ya know, I like Deathwing as a villain. He doesn’t show up much, but if he does show up, shit goes south for anyone not on his side FAST, unlike Arthas who just ‘let you go’ everytime. And don’t come to me with that crap about “He planned it all along!” That doesnt make it any less annoying.
    Deathwing, on the other hand, is a well-developed character who can infact be sympathetic and seems genuinly dangerous….if people actually bothered to read about his background instead of expecting to be handed his entire backstory on a silver platter by whatever Mr. Exposition is hanging around at the time.
    Also, I assume Deathwing is paying for the therapy from his life insurance, too? Or has he been freelancing in Latin already?

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