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I would give anything in the world for that little red-haired priest to come over and sit next to me.

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  1. manos1234

    Cant we use gear that does not belong to Tiers for this?

  2. Thunabarret

    work of a genius

  3. p2

    I am a DK. And ever since Onyxia started dropping refurbished t2 I felt the same pang of sadness depicted by that DK.

    I have since farmed every piece of dungeon 0…

  4. Yumisara

    That poor DK, I know how he feels. :(

  5. Kal

    So what, my DK doesn’t have old vanilla gear…I’ll just wear someone doses! Finally all that farming I did for Lightforge will pay off ! Fear the Deathadin!

  6. Kal

    Bah, typo: above should read “someone elses” not “someone doses”…iPod autocorrect ftl.

  7. RAZIM

    That is until every DK is wearing the T2 Paladin recolor dungeon set from outland (dark purple/grey toned armor)

    It’s what happens when DKs go to Vegas er.. Shattrath

  8. Rhodair

    AHAHAHA!! Hardest I’ve laughed at any of these

  9. Zee

    Bah, DK have no right to complain since they sit on one of the hottest sets and weps in the game, and one that is totally unique to them. (Ie the green startset, and the blue DK quest set with matching weapons)

  10. Zaviani

    poor dk =( i kno how he feels and i do have the pally t2 recolor already so eh i might transmog it but =( poor dk

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