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I think if all contracts were written this verbose, we'd all pay a lot more attention to the EULA.

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  1. Rondy

    Possibly the best one yet. Hysterical.

  2. NecroMac

    I like this new Blizzard Headquaters chapter, with every new strip its more and more interesting :)

  3. haggi

    i’m just giggling over the fact that blizzard is apparently working out of the scarlet monastary.

  4. JesRaven

    I didn’t notice that was SM. That makes it even better 😀

  5. mike

    pahahaha these just keep getting better :D, im quite liking the blizz hq arc 😉 (although verbiage)

  6. Arktitan

    Sounds like Marriage.

  7. Alayea

    @JesRaven: Definitely. 😀

  8. Scuzz

    I love this warlock. He’s everything a rotten, undead warlock should be! The fact that he’s a manager is just icing on the cake.

  9. D Luniz
    D Luniz

    well that just makes us seem like horrible monsters

  10. Wurtane

    The best part is that the Blizzard reps here are a gnome mage and an undead warlock.

  11. insertclevernamehere

    From this I think we can conclude that all raid bosses and basically every mob in WoW did not read the fine print.

  12. Zophor

    pfft, once and hour, I don’t think he really understands what “repeatedly murdered” means.

  13. Gaudaloht

    Actually both are warlocks the gnome wears warlock dungeon set

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