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I think if all contracts were written this verbose, we'd all pay a lot more attention to the EULA.

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  1. Rondy

    Possibly the best one yet. Hysterical.

  2. NecroMac

    I like this new Blizzard Headquaters chapter, with every new strip its more and more interesting :)

  3. haggi

    i’m just giggling over the fact that blizzard is apparently working out of the scarlet monastary.

  4. JesRaven

    I didn’t notice that was SM. That makes it even better :D

  5. mike

    pahahaha these just keep getting better :D , im quite liking the blizz hq arc ;) (although verbiage)

  6. Arktitan

    Sounds like Marriage.

  7. Alayea

    @JesRaven: Definitely. :D

  8. Scuzz

    I love this warlock. He’s everything a rotten, undead warlock should be! The fact that he’s a manager is just icing on prescription drug cialis the cake.

  9. D Luniz
    D Luniz

    well that just makes us seem like horrible monsters

  10. Wurtane

    The best part is order generic viagra that the Blizzard reps here are a gnome mage and an undead warlock.

  11. insertclevernamehere

    From this I think we can conclude that all raid bosses and basically every mob in WoW did not read the cialis professional cheap for sale fine print.

  12. Zophor

    pfft, once and hour, I don’t think he really understands what “repeatedly murdered” means.

  13. Gaudaloht

    Actually both are warlocks the gnome wears warlock dungeon set

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