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PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER! ...itty bitty living space!

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  1. deadlyarrow

    lol one of the best ive ever seen. great job guys

  2. Fhonax

    Whooo Aladdin tooltip refrence!

  3. Crestllinger

    *Equips helm.
    Time to make an Alt!
    *eggtimer goes off.
    Destroys the Exodar.

  4. Fletcher

    Next: A [Kael’thas’ Verdant Sphere] trinket. Chance to monologue when hit.

  5. Snowbluff

    the block of ice was only a set back.

  6. Lolzy Mistress
    Lolzy Mistress

    It’s BoE…. Imagine how much that cold sell for!! o.o

  7. Lolzy Mistress
    Lolzy Mistress

    could ** >_<

  8. haggi

    i lol’d.

    hell, it’s been five minutes and i’m still chuckling.

    well done. i’d kill for that set bonus.

    for a D&D game years ago we came up with the ‘hammer o’ban’ which had a chance every attack to teleport the target to a random dimension.

  9. Brandon

    +10 for the Aladdin reference. Nice. :)

  10. Tehcrash

    But it’s not part of the set, there’s no set bonus listed!

  11. Esinem

    The other piece of the set is obviously Frostmourne.

  12. George

    @haggi: That may be the greatest item ever included in an RPG.

  13. Uriah

    Shiney! Equip.

  14. JesRaven

    It’s almost worth being frozen for five years to destroy Fresno.

  15. phenyx

    I think you better have your trinket ready for that one. or human racial. probably both, and some other PVP junk.

  16. Brogdan

    I lewt teh hat.

  17. Alayea

    Pretty funny, as ever. I do have one pet peeve with this comic — you don’t put an ‘s’ afer the apostrophe if there is an ‘s’ before it as well. >_<

  18. Chris
    Chris Hanel

    You would normally be right, but that’s not the case when it comes to proper names that end with an S. “Arthas’s” is correct.

  19. Falos

    No set count req, defense was removed, and “target city” sounds like I’m playing MtG.

    Not that I dislike it, I’m just being that nerd.

  20. JesRaven

    Defense was removed when Cataclysm launched. It was still around in Wrath.

  21. Sinamon

    thank you for the aladdin hover text reference.

    i LOL’ed at destroying the Exodar (come on, everyone wants to)

    i LOL’ed even harder at Fresno (ditto).

  22. RetPallyJil

    Well *I* would put it on, too …

  23. Leo

    I’m confused, where is this Aladin referance?

  24. manos1234

    in the flavor text, Leo

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