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One of the most satisfying feelings as a comic creator: Spending 20 minutes trying to find a good third panel and then realizing it's absolutely unneeded.

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  1. Rondy


  2. Kobzol

    Bring it! :-D :-D

  3. haggi

    i’m down for running MC even more now…

    /DK main.

  4. Uriah

    I do love me some Molten Core.

  5. haggi

    good money to be had for very little risk in molten core unless you’re very mana-dependent. then it’s kind of touch and go.

  6. Falos

    Must be a derp warrior. I mean dwarf warrior.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love dwarves. And warriors. But they’d probably eat their shield if their healer wasn’t around to tap them on the shoulder and shake their head.

  7. FeamTorturess

    Isn’t ragnaros.. tier 2?
    Aaaaaaanyway, cialis at discount price great comics as always guys! although I perfered #2 and #1 in the prescription levitra without seires of these :P
    Will we be expecting #4 with Illidan or Kiljaeden?

  8. Chris
    Chris Hanel

    Oh god, you’re right. Tier 1 was in Molten Core, but Ragnaros drops Tier 2. I totally forgot they did that. Dammit dammit dammit.

  9. Shammah

    @Falos: lol’d for several minutes at your “eating the shield” comment, then realized dwarves would be perfect for that… stoneform teeth may be the only way to chew a shield.

  10. Fletcher

    Actually that’s Hunter T1 the dwarf is wearing. He’s not a warrior. I’m guessing that the paladin is bestowing upon him the Crown of Destruction from Ragnaros, which (appropriately) is an agi mail hat which looks like a floating halo of flame.

  11. Clarx

    Fletcher is cheap viagra tablets right, as it is a dorf Hunter.
    Yet I am unsure if he won the Crown of Destruction, or the Essence of the buy levitra in uk Pure Flame.

    In the end his beard is set on buy cheapest clomid fire with something looking like a torch, costs of cialis yet that crown was a “most wanted” by hunters in those days.

  12. Shellfish

    @Chris Hanel Actually, Molten Core drops T1 in general, but Ragnaros himself drops T2 legs. It isnt really a mistake, as he is still considered a T1 raid boss, just dropping T2 legs.

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