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  1. Amaranth

    Kodos may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but at least they’re ORIGINAL unlike the effectively barely-altered reskin of a horse.

  2. Makross


  3. Wnxcow

    People tend to forget that the original “Plainsrunning” required only to be running out of combat for 10 seconds to get to speed, no casting time, not even a spell or item, just running for 10 seconds to get to speed.

    The worgen ability requires someone to cast “Running Wild” to drop down and run. This makes it take up a spot on either an addon or on your hotbars/quickbars/whatever they’re called.

    This most likely caused balance issues with other races who we’re non tauren, who were instantly mounting after combat and thus giving them the advantage. Blizzard took the easy way out and gave them mounts instead of changing the ability itself.

    I myself think(WARNING: PERSONAL OPINION AND THOUGHTS UP AHEAD) that changing the code of plainsrunning would’ve taken way more time then just copying the code from another race, take some kodo models and give them some armor/mounting stuff and replace the race information…

    So, please, stop bitching about worgen players having it better then tauren players, cuz of the whole plainrunning getting taken away and worgen equivalent of it stays in the game, cuz it’s 2 completely different abilities!!

  4. Rekra

    Yeah tell em like it is Blaine, screw the werewolves! Tauren fo life!

  5. Meta

    For anybody who didn’t play in the WoW beta, plainsrunning SUCKED. There was a very good reason why they took it out.

  6. Meh

    Hasn’t Taurens whining about not being able to ride that silly birds of belfs some time ago?

    BTW most worgens don’t really care about this mount thing, as said running wild is AWESOME, I can understard the whining of some nother ally fellas but… hey guys you have get worgens, horde have get green dirty gnomes! How can you ally still be complaining? =D

  7. ABYSchan

    Not mentioned: How Tauren players have been the loudest proponents of race/faction mount count balance in history of WoW.

    Also not mentioned: how when Blizzard took steps to fix the issues, they at least gave new skins to the mounts and didn’t recycle another faction’s mounts to a T for a faction that didn’t have mounts previously.

    So IMO, “Baine” there would have a point if Tauren were given Wolf mounts, and kodos never existed.

  8. Kyten

    “…will be reminded that they are attempting to argue with a FICTIONAL CHARACTER.”

  9. trolled and doesn't care
    trolled and doesn't care

    Plainsrunning dropped if you stopped or got hit, taking the full 10 seconds to regain the speed. It was horrible and Tauren couldn’t use most other reputation mounts to get around it. Blizzard took the skill out and gave them their own racial mounts. That’s completely fair.

    So here we have worgen, their racial mount is “running wild”, which has very aspect of a normal mount. For convenience sake, they were given two horses (since they are indeed human, I don’t get why that is insulting) to help with achievements–not because of some mechanic flaw that required removal of the skill. That is also completely fair.

  10. I'll bite.
    I'll bite.

    OK, let’s assume people with this opinion have a point….give Taurens a new version of plainsrunning (that pretty much is the same as running wild but with them running upright) and give worgens some mounts that are not copy/paste. Deal?

  11. Coobra

    I agree, it only makes sense for them to get the same horses as they helped in the starting zone, since after all they are Human…. and besides… who cares about ground mounts, you can fly around the world now. So worgen player’s wouldn’t even use the new mounts anyway… even if they were manbearpigs.

    Well… maybe if they were manbearpigs.

  12. Giondi

    I think the hovertext should have read “… will be reminded they are arguing with a fictional character over a JOKE.” Also, the Alliance sucks, so who cares?

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