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They just grow up too soon, you know? *sniffle* ...too soon.

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  1. Uriah

    Rag said egads, lol.

  2. Nivella

    So, Ragnaros is allowed to adopt, but we cannot? That just stinks.

  3. Chris
    Chris Hanel

    Well, there was a big scandal at the time – the media wanted to know if being a celebrity allowed him the ability to unfairly jump in line. The adoption agency denied any wrongdoing, and nobody was ever charged.

  4. Freohr

    “They just grow up too soon, you know?”

    So cute 😀

  5. CorporalPunishment

    I’ll be the first to say..


  6. Katherinne

    Which is the one he dangled off Nefarian’s balcony?

  7. Tradias

    awe it makes me sad to kill him week in and week out now :(

  8. Winterborn (Undead version)

    Well, good for him. Lich King’s children now serve the banshee queen. That sux, take it from me cause I have no choice but to serve her and I can’t even die. Everytime I die either someone resurrects me or I have to run for miles to find my corpse and come back to this life of slavery. I’m not having any fun because basically I’m nothing more than a pile of bones glued together to be able to perform and well maybe entertain the banshee queen while she’s bored and when people throw feasts I just sit there with them and participate in their good times and chewing their food and pretend I’m having a good time while I’m not and banshee queen told all of us that we have to fit in with the horde and avoid being awkward in social activities because it will reflect poorly on the Forsaken as a faction and would give Garrosh excuse to undermine her authority as the leader of the Forsaken.

    Gosh I hate this, I don’t even have a jaw to grab a taste of their food, and my stomach has holes in it when I drink potions or beverages it just leaks. I treated far better while I was a scourge minion of the Lich King, at least it was fun and Kel’Thuzad used to tell us hilarious stories in “A Night At Naxxramas” private Scourge cross-realm events. And YES! We had lots and lots of cool events during the reign of the King of Death.

    There was this little festival that Lich King personally participated in one time and I was really bored and to boost my moral and mood he made me massacre and entire village of green skins, it was truly fun and in the end he pat me in the shoulder and said -“All that I am: anger, cruelty, vengeance – I bestow upon you, my chosen knight. I have granted you immortality so that you may herald in a new, dark age for the Scourge.”

    Good times, long gone… *sigh*

  9. JesRaven

    I grew up trapped in a volcano of endless, hellish pain also…. It’s called American public school.

  10. Falos

    I *still* can’t stand seeing the bunny ears and shoulders.

  11. Dovius

    This is….surprisingly touching, actually.
    I’m not sure I wanna kill him now, even though this is just a silly newspaper article.
    Damn you Daily Blink, you ruined Ragnaros for me!

  12. Fletcher

    Best mouseover text ever.

    But I came here for commentary on the Tier Thirteen previews! Hop to it, Daily Blink! You exist for my amusement! Dance! DANCE!

  13. Alayea

    Love the title and flavor text. *lol*

  14. Forestlord

    Ragnaros, did you remember to give them a legal guardian in your will?

  15. Squeekers

    Love this.

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