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You should have seen how awkward it was when he filled out the questions and Vol'jin came up as his top match. We think the troll  was a bit too distracted and didn't get all his profile settings right.

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  1. Fhonax

    This is awesome, keep up the amazing work guys

  2. Rush

    Don’t be a Finkel!

  3. Progurt

    “quoting Game of Thrones at parties” haha. Tyrion ftw.

  4. Rozalyn

    Haha, great avatar. He looks sooo sexy…

  5. NecroMac

    Delicious Gnome for the morning it’s what Vol’Jin love the most.

  6. haggi

    the title is win but the alt text made me giggle.

  7. Crestllinger

    Lol at Deathwhisper at the top right.

  8. TooManyAlts


  9. JesRaven

    Why are we hating on Magic today? -.-

  10. Chris
  11. Wurms

    Don’t play Alliance, but I’m pretty sure Jaina is from Theramore, not Stormwind. Could be wrong though!

  12. sandraro

    is that jaina on the top in the middle?

  13. TaskWizard

    LOL! You NEEEED to do a Jaina one! what after Thrall decided to be loyal to his girlfriend again :( Im sure she’s looking for another green man in her life 😉

    (and i dont mean ogres/shrek)

  14. Winterborn (Undead version)

    But it would’ve been good if we had a social network like that for the heck of it =)).

  15. Aliok

    Funny! The alt text is amusing too. Maybe Vol’jin was trolling?


  16. Malleus

    Gnomes are not merely 12% hated.

  17. Jenny

    That “nerd baiting” article was really interesting, thanks for sharing it.

    Also, comic rocks. :)

  18. JesRaven

    The article was an interesting read. Thanks. And now I get the Magic hate, too. :)

  19. Malleus

    How’s that, Jes? Is it because Finkel’s earned several hundred thousand dollars playing, and because David Williams and Erich Froehlich both translated their skills into becoming poker millionaires?

  20. Fletcher

    I think Jes means “I didn’t understand the “Magic: The Gathering” reference on today’s Daily Blink, as it references a recent storm-in-a-teacup I was previously unaware of. But now I have seen what it’s a reference to, and get it!”

    Taking it to mean “Having read that article, now I hate M:TG!” is a bit of a stretch.

    I could be wrong, of course – I’m not JesRaven – but the first interpretation seems more likely than the second.

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