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It's also nice to see Iron man being willing to lend out arc reactors at such a high rate. Very sporting.

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  1. Nate

    Haters gonna hate!

    Not happy about the silver w/ gold trim theme being used twice in one expansion, though.

  2. Katlamos

    They look like armor plated chickens

  3. Sonim

    I actualy like this tier, its the third in my favorite list. Being tier 2 (judgment) and tier 6 (lighbringer) my favorites. =P. This one has a touch of heavenly armor. xD

  4. ShadowStalker

    LOL this is good. I used to play a pally and still made me laugh!

  5. Gesh

    Spammit, guys! I actually kind of liked this set (at least, it looks better than what Warlocks are stuck with). But every time I look at it now, I see soap and happy faces!! This would make sense if my paladin was a Blood Elf, but she’s not. She’s a proud and strong Sunwalker who’s not afraid to break a hoof in the name of justice. Being clean and silly will not strike fear into the hearts of Alliance heathens.

  6. Maevrim

    The first thing I thought was “HAWKMAN!”

  7. The Pink Pally

    Can’t. Unsee. The. Silly. Face. lol

    For some reason, that actually makes this set more appealing. =)

  8. Schroom
  9. Baenhoof

    I fucking snorted, -hard- xD
    LOVE the 300% more pretentiousness thing!

  10. Suicidal Zebra
    Suicidal Zebra

    Would rather weird smiley face than Tier 8’s front. Now *that* can’t be unseen.

  11. haggi

    you guys make me belly laugh on a regular basis. this is one of those times.

  12. Crakkerz

    I LOL’d.

    Still a really nice set though. Helmet IS a bit big, but it’s still nice overall. Also probably the best odd-numbered tier for Paladins ever. Hopefully this will break the odd-even curse.

    …wait, that means that even-numbered tiers might start to suck. Oh shi—-!

  13. Crestllinger

    2set bonus +1000 damage/sp bonus if you are a tauren pally named Red Bull or related wearing this.
    4 set bonus God mode while ‘wings’ active

  14. Malleus

    So, Chris and Michael think there’s an excess of space in the Paladin’s codpiece, do they? Let’s see how they feel about that when I have them bent over a table, eh?


  15. DexterBelgium

    They see me flying, they hatin’.

    Six, count’em, SIX wings when I pop Avenging wrath. That’s three Red Bulls worth.

    You all just jelly that we got off with at least two really cool sets this expansion (t12 and t13 are both epic and nice nods to both t2 and t1 respectively).

  16. JesRaven

    Why are we hating on the plate robe? :(

    IMO, Paladins got really lucky on the T13 set. We aren’t covered in tendrils like the Warlock’s and the armor looks like it can actually MOVE, unlike the Warrior’s. So far, the only other set that has really impressed me has been the Mage’s.

    Space for a spare GoAK made me snort milk. No kidding. I was eating breakfast.

  17. Grant N.
    Grant N.

    makes me almost want to lvl my pally. Ya just know theres a pally legendary weapon coming soon that will give them bastards angel wings.

  18. blarguna

    Still waiting for Dr. Who references on mage set

  19. Valenhil

    If you take out the ridiculously oversized wings on the helm and widen the ones on the shoulders it actually gets pretty cool.

  20. Crimson

    The dish soap container will never be unseen. The helm reminds me of DK t12…about to lift up off the head and fly away as a separate sentient being. I see more of a c’thun-like face in the wings than in the pointed area, though. Little face with bunch of tentacle-y arms! But my goal is to transmog t12, I adore the helm entirely too much. Still, this might be one of my favorite posts.

  21. Elderin


  22. Alayea

    Until the PTR is up (or Bibi datamines it), I am left wondering how the T13 paladin set will look like on a female character.

    Still, liked this Daily Blink comic. Curses on you for the silly face though!!!!!11!1 😛

  23. RetPallyJil

    You just run along and let us be awesome.

  24. Squeekers

    Oh my goodness.

  25. Squeekers

    Also…I bet you’d like to poke *this* pally…!

    Sorry for the double post. Wasn’t gonna say it and then couldn’t resist. :/

  26. Doran

    Oh man. I’m starting to hate Samwise. Enough with the gold already. Enough.

  27. PG

    I have not laughed so hard in a long time. GJ 😀

  28. Chambertin

    Paladin tiers. Best and worst of the game. From badadass Judge Dread to a pink power ranger, oh god the tier 3 was classic. Only beat in unawesomesauce by rogue T13.

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