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After your group downs Deathwing, you should totally get the ability to buy a tabard that looks like a bloody butcher's apron. We'd buy that.

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  1. Herbsmoker

    Looks like instruction “Slaughtering cow”.

  2. Unfy

    Under the mace part….. the knee spike kinds looks like a……. well u get it

  3. Amalisa

    Totally epic 😀

  4. RogerYargen

    Yeah, couldn´t help but thinking the same way…but there are way too many jawbone-designs to let the whole head be reserved for trinkets 😉

  5. DireFox

    Butcher Choice!!

  6. Joshua S Hill
    Joshua S Hill

    Are his wings SUPPOSED to look like the USA?

  7. insertclevernamehere

    im guessing the feet are the tokens to get t13?

  8. Sasha

    the butcher apron would be nice but if you wear a skirt/dress ie not pants still wouldn’t see it after 7 years…

  9. zimnic

    @ insertclevernamehere

    Feet are to eat them, of course. There should be a special cooking recipe for epic Deathwing talons crackers!

  10. Pete

    Lol. Monster hunter boss breakdown. I like.

  11. Ressolute

    Help me cut the choice meats.

  12. WC

    the gap between his right legs totally thought it was something else

  13. JesRaven

    We grind the feet into tokens and valor points. *sagenod*

  14. Uriah

    Wings are the pork rinds of dragons 😀

  15. haggi

    if blizzard is awesome, they’ll see this, have a good laugh, and throw some random dragon meat on a 100% drop chance with the tooltip: ‘prime cuts’

  16. Wurtane

    It would be hilarious if there was an easter egg drop similar to this idea. It’d be a 100% drop chance and wouldn’t reduce the amount of possible loot.

  17. Falos

    I’ll take ten pounds of shield, leave all the mastery in so it doesn’t dry out, gonna cook it pretty thoroughly.

  18. Jaq

    Given the amount of gear from the first four bosses in Firelands my guild is DEing, I dare say this applies to every boss there. Pretty sure Rhyolith’s legs=Deathwing’s wings.

  19. Alayea

    Daily Blink forgot to include a note about fist weapons… 😛

  20. @Alayea

    there are no fist wepons from Deathwing lol

  21. Crestllinger

    *fist weapon not shown due to portion that it occupies covered by legs

  22. Harrod

    So true it’s not even funny…

  23. Cynon

    The “Off-hand” section should be bigger. Am I the only one who seems to think that drops all the time?

  24. G-dub

    Actually, it would be awesome if WoW bosses worked like Monster Hunter large monsters. You have to target specific locations of the boss’ anatomy to get the specific drop you want, and each location takes variable amounts of damage.

  25. myrii20

    Fist weapon is either the one item no one needs or is like the imaginary item crystallized firestone.

  26. UnknownMan14

    lol it reminds me of monster hunter where which part is the monsters weak points are pointed. And tbh I have a feeling that the “piece that no one needs” should have taken 90% of it.

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