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Excuse me, could you back up a little bit? My notepad is on fire.

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  1. Sishiya

    The Amy Winehouse bit made me choke on my coffee! I would say “Too soon, Daily Blink, too soon!”, but that was pretty funny.

  2. Knate

    Ageless Evil was my band’s name in high school.

    Coincidentally, Terrible Ancient Power was our first EP.

  3. haggi

    i lol’d.

    the amy winehouse bit IS pretty funny.

  4. Heather

    A pony!!! I want a pony!!!!

  5. Oukar

    But I really wanted that pony…

    Another excellent strip to increase my own hype about 4.3.

  6. VioletArrows

    Free HT13, you say… *taps cheek in thought*

  7. Icantrogue

    Great to see a strip come back to the reporter style satyr. Love when you do this stuff because I always feel like I get 10 joked for the price of only one strip! Fun watching your vlog as well. I’ll try to pop back into the guild sometime soon and say hey again!

  8. Alayea

    @Icantrogue: Pretty sure you meant “satire”. 😉

    OT: Hey yeah, I’d like to work for the Aspect of Death! Where do I sign up? *much later…* Hey, um, does my contract have an escape clause? Wait, you mean my option is only death? But I came here to LIVE! “You’re working for the Aspect of Death”, my foot! I want my lawyer! …They all either work for him or got burned alive. Well, ****…

  9. JesRaven

    Can’t say what’s funnier: The “Amy Winehouse of evil” bit, or Deathwing using words like “whatevs”. This was great 😀

  10. Dovius

    Somehow I can’t help but chuckle everytime I read the words “Mr. Wing”,

  11. Tuck

    Vote for Deathwing, he can solve global warming!

  12. Forestlord

    I choked on my drink when when i saw “7-11 has been ours for years”

  13. Snoopy

    Pony?!?!…Where can I sign? 😀

  14. Crestllinger

    A very pregnant vision quest then.

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