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Chris returned a week later with a sign that said BUFF MAGES (MORE). He currently faces 30 years in Shadowfang State Penitentiary.

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  1. PoKuTe

    That… was… a nice… reference…

  2. ~

    Jean-Luc Picard <3

  3. Garabaldi

    +10 internets for the classic Star trek reference.
    This one got a bellylaugh…good stuff!!

  4. Alex Djema

    BAHAHAHA!!! BRILLIANT…!! Do something about ret pallys aswell! They’re nerfing sact wrath, from 20.40.60 % crit chance on Hammer of Wrath, to 2,4,6 % crit chanse… So that makes my hammer of wrath to have the grand total of, 11% crit chance..!!

    I believe you’ll do it amazing!! :)

  5. Skalbe


  6. Inkogni

    MHAHAHAHAH, this is deff your top 10 best

  7. Sariisa

    Pure awesome!! Love it!

  8. Mikeztarp

    That will never happen in real life ! xD (and not just because of the imprisonment :P)

    Hey on a non-related subject, they just explained that if the Death Knight T13 hadn’t been announced yet it was because the first rendering wasn’t up to par the the quality of the other class sets.

    What does that inspire you guys? 😀

  9. Kardone

    Amazing. Love the star trek reference!

  10. Astalnar

    Lol, realy nice Star Trek NG reference.

    You totaly win this time with this.

  11. Miranias

    Okay okay, Chris, I’ve been following the daily blink comics a long time now and I just realized something. As one of the many callers of mage buffs, (main’s a fire mage <3) you never actually told us your spec of mage and which spec you'd prefer buffed…(if you could choose) (OH and I'm armoring you now btw, because apparently I'm too stupid to think of that until after I'm typing this) either way, terrific strip, YAY FIRE MAGES, (nerf arcane imo, we need more killing with fire…BURNINATION!), love the Star Trek reference, and love you guys you're great!

  12. Snowbluff

    There… are four… mages! FRAK MIRROR IMAGE!

  13. Advitiya

    Did I see an eddie izzard ref too?

  14. Mark

    YES! I saw the patch notes and immediately informed my guild that as of 4.3, Dresden will once again be a fire mage, the way the universe intended.

  15. Demos

    Nice 😛

    I did laugh out loud at the ‘true story’.

  16. Siyavash the Kingslayer

    All the pain in my stomach is caused by this comic. I will sue you for this, I can’t stop laughing at your comics, what is wrong with you?!

  17. Alayea

    What’s funny is that in the end, fire mages still won’t be a viable raiding spec outside of Alysrazor. (And if you’ve got a buddy that is spec’ed fire… you have my sympathy.)

    Love the ST:NG reference. :)

  18. Shaketan

    Dang Cardassians

  19. JesRaven

    Has that Blizzard Headquarters sign always read “Makers of the Lost Vikings?”

  20. TaskWizard

    “I played fire mages before they were OP.” Trollolololol
    and now that they are, i frost. Im more of a anti-conforming kind of guy…

  21. TaskWizard

    and love the alt text :)

  22. Miranias

    @TaskWizard: Frost mage will NEVER be the none-conforming spec…pretty much, you go pvp mage, you go frost. (except for those burninating fire mages of awesome. <—working on joining their ranks, just gotta finish working on the stat alocations.) Frost mage is the twinkle in Ghostcrawler's eye, go warrior or warlock if you wanna be mal-understood.


  23. Jabarj

    Hey @Alayea, simcraft disagrees with you….
    Once 4.3 hits Fire is number one with 38894 dps (arcane is sitting at 38281)…

    Best regards

  24. Soeroah

    Isn’t it a reference to 1984, not Star Trek?

    Well, it was originally 1984, but the writers probably got it from Star Trek..

  25. Alayea

    @Jabarj: Sounds good. Now if only my frost mage could get some PvE love. :(

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