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Rogues, two things: First, you are now one sweet, addictive step closer to becoming the anime ninjas you've always wanted to be. Second, I will be rolling a rogue the day MoP hits. Mmmmmm... invisible murder. *drool*

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  1. Inkogni

    shush, daddy’s raiding

  2. Calcific

    Hooray for ManBearTree!
    I LOL’d.

  3. Kaima

    ManBearTree made me laugh. But is that Subterfuge ability for Rogues for real??? Wow, I’m glad I don’t play on a PvP server. :(

  4. Polybreaker


  5. Drownie

    i <3 the new rogue ability, remembers me of the vanilla times.

  6. chechar

    lol subterfuge

  7. Idiotank

    Time to lvl Knifetomeetu

  8. Ash

    Subterfuge FTW

  9. Terkis

    Subterfuge: because shadow dance just isn’t enough ambush.

  10. The Fran
    The Fran

    Yeah, right, bloodlusting is being stolen from mages, known for always having this as a signature ability and never “borrowing” it from anybody at all.

  11. Miranias

    @ Kaima: As of right now in the Alpha of MoP, yes it is. Please keep in mind that any and all things you are seeing here right now is not final, they haven’t even hit beta or the ptr so most likely they’re going to change a lot. (I personally don’t think this talent system is going to stick. They say it’s going to try to avoid the cookie cutter-esque feeling but it looks like the choices are being nerfed not broadened. That could also be that they haven’t come out with the talent tree yet.)

  12. Rayven

    I had to post, can mages really complain that hunters stole Bloodlust from them when mages stole it from shaman? 😛

  13. Lethosos

    Suddenly I like Warlocks more now. 😀

    BTW… ManBearTree? PICTURES. NAOW. :3

  14. JesRaven

    Subterfuge is just more proof that Blizz has a MAJOR hardon for rogues. I wouldn’t be surprised if they change it so dealing damage doesn’t break stealth at all.

    I mean, look at the facts. During Cataclysm, Rogues went from good to Übergood to WTFWASTHAT?! They can heal themselves during combat to survive 1 on 1 combat against anybody. Stealth not only no longer slows them down, but actually speeds them up. And now this. They are literally impregnable.

  15. Alpha0727

    I LOL’d at Subterfuge. Rogues of the Alliance, let us make truce. If you promise to use your Subterfuge Stealth powers for good and only in BGs and Arenas, then the other classes will promise to give you loot priorities over Monks and to still bring you along for raids.

  16. Falos


  17. Alayea

    Subterfuge makes me glad I relocated to a PvE realm all those years ago. :S

  18. Aliok

    Oi, that’s my herb!

    In other news, my Forsaken rogue is very very pleased.

  19. Crestllinger

    Remember that whole path of the titans thing? picture this like it because that’s where they’re at here. That being said I think everyone would agree that the second column should be forwarded by EVERYONE to Blizzard for parts 1 and 2 who get into the Beta. Speaking of Beta. You Can Sign Up For A Spot Now- see battlenet.

  20. Jean

    Would someone explain to me the ManBearTree joke? Revamp #1 and 2 are funny as hell anyway :) With a pally main, you’re bound to love the consecration thing, and I expect Mike and Chris will have a few (choking) deaths on their conscience. You can’t expect no one to be drinking while reading the Frostjaw part, can you?

  21. Snowbluff

    Subterfuge op. How the hell are we supposed to kill rogues if we can’t see them until they are 5 feet away, and now we have to run away for 3 seconds to make sure they dont ambush us in the mean time T^T

  22. Medros

    So…invisible panda rogue stays invis while beating your ass for 3 seconds, then when you do target them they can use their vanish, sap, stun again, PANDA racial for another 4 second stun…Never…PVP…again…

  23. insertclevernamehere

    ima have my Gorefiend’s Grasp macrod to /y MINE!!

  24. happyfool

    @jean i think that manbeartree is suggestion on southpark episode, manbearpig

  25. CharlieCyoo

    “Wah, hunters have crap for CC and worse in PVP, but they might get to choose another option, boo hoo hoo *two-buttons through absolutely everything except porting people to Exodar for money*”

  26. halloo

    omg, rogues dont need more buffs (subtertuge) they need more nerfs, and my alt is a rogue…

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