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This would be where I would have made a 'we have to work extra hard to protest due to the exchange rate', but then our economy had to go all wonky and let the Canadian dollar catch up. Sulk.

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  1. Knate

    Is it MapleLeefs or Mapleleefs? Make your minds!

    Love the purple response reference, though. 😀

  2. Idiotank

    This came out great cool that you let the chat sit in on the brainstorming session.

  3. Shannon

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the “Re-Ban Swifty” poster, lmfao.

  4. haggi

    you guys owe me a new monitor for the ‘NAFRA’ joke.

  5. insertclevernamehere

    “…we set everything on fire.”

    didn’t Rag and Deathwing already do this? >.>

    joking aside, I really liked the purple response 😀

  6. Lava

    I love the “Re-ban swify” sign in the background.

  7. Alayea


  8. Elderin

    We almost had to cancel a raid because three of our members were out celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving!!


  9. Wurtane

    Hahaha! By the way, the Canadians are just jealous because our Thanksgiving involved the Pilgrims. There’s involves Inuits being thankful that the nice British colonists didn’t kill them.

    Also…Boxing Day, what is that even?

  10. Wurtane


  11. Ebonhoof

    “… we set everything on fire.”
    This is why I say I’m Canadian when traveling abroad.

  12. Agnaro

    NAFRA is an awesome guild name. Much better than Deeps More Deeping. I think you know what you have to do.

  13. detinith

    didn’t canada invade america and burn down washington dc?

  14. Nilocor

    Yeah! Every Canadian knows it’s not okay to riot and burn things over some silly game… It’s only okay for hockey!

  15. JesRaven

    I believe Boxing Day is a day where you trade jobs with your boss… I could be mistaken, however, those goofy Canadians don’t tell me much.

  16. Cressida


    Yes, yes they did. And they say *we* light everything on fire. Hah. I say we do not. I say we blow everything up.

  17. Zubzim

    Boxing Day is the day you traditionally give your servants presents and let them have the day off while you unwind and detox from yet another Christmas. In a modern sense it much the same it an extra day of work where you can sooth your hang over and sort out all the arguments that happened the previous day.

  18. Care

    americans set things on fire to protest unfairness, canadians set vancouver on fire when we lose the stanley cup ? :)

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