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So wait - if we wanted to make a dick joke, but were unable to, does that mean we have the Morkoch blue balls? *ducks, runs*

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  1. Michael

    I think we should all take a moment to appreciate how much more badass I look than Chris.

  2. Shammah

    The first comment here is much funnier than the strip. Just sayin’.

  3. Andreanna


  4. Teretina

    Of course, Mike has a bit of a posture problem as well.

  5. fira

    and in heroic mode, Morkoch creates a twin of himself, Even Morkoch. Not like we didnt have enough to deal with.

  6. Schadenfreude

    I saw that on mmo, and my first reaction was, of course BWAHAHAHAH MORE COCK; but then I went wait wait, Koch is pronounced Coke or Cook, isn’t it…


  7. Gazimoff

    Mike, I know you might *think* you look more badass. Unfortunately Chris plays a mage. In terms of badass top trumps, mage wins. It’s like pulling a straight flush, only with your hands full of fireballs.

  8. Michael

    @Gazimoff -negative. Chris is wearing a dress. I am wearing four tons of raw kickass, that is on fire. And I would rather have my hands full of dual-wielded deathsticks than sparklers any day. RED BAR FOR LIFE.

  9. Squeekers


  10. Music-chan

    For some reason, the creators’ heads on in-game avatars is WAY funnier to me than it should be.

  11. Crestllinger

    You guys should merchandise these. I see boggle-heads in your futures.

  12. Snowbluff

    I think Chris’s facial expression are funnier than yours, Mike.

  13. stokelydude

    More like Morkoch-blocked, amirite?

  14. TooManyAlts

    If you guys want a penis joke, look at the Magtheridon’s Lair Map…Nuff’ said.

  15. Malleus

    I always thought Deathwing had no Koch.

  16. Billaxle

    Mages eat Warriors for breakfast.

    -That is all.

  17. Miranias

    BLAST! SO CLOSE! X( Sorry Mike I gotta go with Chris on this. Mages before ho-…hoes? hos?…I’ve never understood how to spell the plural of that word but whatever. Anways, MAGES FOR LIFE YO! wurd. *awkward silence* So I’m just gonna throw this dollar store party bling I stole a few mins ago into, the trash can…later homies!

  18. bizarrogman

    psh mages, mike rules, warriors rule, PEEEENIISSS rules…*cough*

  19. Lanalyn

    I feel your pain, guys. I just about died when I saw the spelling, followed by a description of his abilities: “…. Upon reaching 90% health, Morchok tears himself in half, creating his twin, Even Morchok.”

  20. Kablooey

    I killed a mage in Reno just to watch him die.

  21. Chambertin

    @TooManyAlts: “If you guys want a penis joke, look at the Magtheridon’s Lair Map…Nuff’ said.”

    Always has been and always will be the ramp entrance map to SM.

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