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The initials of the purcashing order? Pet's License for EXtra cuteness (or PLEX)!! MY GOD! WE'RE DOOOOOOOOOMED!

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  1. Katlamos

    Why is he not wearing shoes (I got nothing better to comment)

  2. insertclevernamehere

    he’s right you know… Blizz has finally put in a way to legally gold buy. $10 for the pet, post it on ah for 15k g…

  3. Arrowsmith

    @insertclevernamehere, the TCG pets and mounts would like a word with you.

    Great comic guys, thanks for pointing out how ridiculous the naysayers are being!

  4. Mikeztarp

    You can say whatever you want about the TCG pets and mounts, it’s still not the same. They’re hard to procure, and their prices are dissuasive. The Guardian Cub, however, is an easy way to convert real currency into gold (which can then be converted into BOE gear, thus giving unfair advantage to people who are willing to use real money in a virtual world).

    Sorry, this might not be the place for a debate, but it’s been eating me up ever since they announced it. :S

    Nice comic though. I like how the cub is batting its tail, like a dog ready to play fetch. 😀

  5. stuff

    @Arrowsmith don’t forget you can gift the pets and mounts you buy from the blizz store. I have seen people trying to sell those pets/mounts for gold several times.

  6. Sinamon

    that thing is SOOO CUUUUUTE!!! wants!!!

    *this is how it begins.

  7. Uriah

    Great strip :)
    I think so are overreacting about the BoE bit because the pet does not guarantee X amount of gold, it all depends upon that economy and such.

  8. Halthak

    Well, there is no fixed rate to how much gold this is worth. In fact, I really don’t think it’ll be worth all that much, simply by translating how much time it takes to make each. 10$ isn’t really all that much, but it takes far longer for most players to make 15,000 gold. So there is constant competition in that if people don’t like the prices on AH, they can purchase it outside of the game. It’s real money, yes, but it’s also saving real time, and time is money friend.
    I sure as hell wouldn’t pay that much, and neither will most. Especially since a lot of people are likely to try to post this thinking they can get the easy gold, but that much competition will likely drive down prices.
    Yes, theoretically you can still buy gold, but unless you have someone willing to pump in a large amount of cash, I doubt they’ll get much gold out of it.

  9. haggi

    i REALLY think that those who are proclaiming this to be ‘money for gold’ or an ‘end to gold sellers’ need to take the rose glasses off.

    i’d almost lay money on these things being worth less than 1k after a month or two.

    which would make gold sellers STILL cheaper.

  10. Tretam

    I’m not sure why you are surprised by the idea of using real money to get in game items with the talk of real-money auctions for Diablo 3. How long do you think it is before they try to translate the same system over to WoW?

  11. Wurtane

    Hahaha, this 100% confirms how ridiculous I feel this situation is. And yes, this item will drop below 1k *very* quick.

  12. Mark

    I think it sets a bad precedent, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

  13. Sage

    The idea of selling the pet for gold doesn’t scare me much: the fact that it’ll be so easy to acquire in the first place will force the prices down quite a bit, so I don’t think it will ever be a viable (or at least cost-effective) method of buying gold.

    It does irritate me that it’s a one-time use pet for $10, though. I’d rather there be an option to buy the usual BoP version for all my alts for $10 as well. As it is, just buying this for my Ally and Horde mains would cost me twice what any other pet in the store would (plushie gryphon and wind riders excepted).

  14. Doomfall

    I knew from the second frame that it was refering to the new tradeable pet… I just KNEW it…
    And you know something…
    They’re right, blizz IS giving a real life cash price to ingame money…
    I just wish Inflation is gonna bring that damn pet down to 2-3k, and people will stop converting it for ingame profit…

  15. Elderin

    While I don’t care about paying for pets in of themselves, I must point out that by Blizzard selling these pets for cash, they are admitting that the characters must have some value to them. If the character has a value, it may be creating a property interest in the character itself, thus allowing the playerbase to sue if Blizzard decides to take that property interest away.

  16. Crestllinger

    Yes because 15000g is Such a sellable price for pets. Razzashi raptor pets from the old ZG and unobtainable at All in the new game are the only type of pet that would ever sell for that much in the first place (and the hyancinth macaw, buthey, he’s epic).
    Anyone else think that gobln’s a eunuch after reading that name?

  17. Jonglennoer

    Supply and demand. Guess what happens if everybody tries to convert 10$ into in-game gold? The pet will be worthless.

  18. insertclevernamehere

    actually 15k isnt that far off from my realm. most likely the first will be posted for 20k+ then people thinking they can get in on it too will post for 19k etc. on my realm it will most likely stabilize at about 12k

  19. Tim

    *sips from his tea cup, then polishes his monocle before looking back at his future Diablo 3 real money AH sales that fuel a WoW account, buying BoE pets to sell for in game gold* Hmm? What was that you say? An uproar of the masses!

  20. Redhawks

    I may be the only one who noticed this, but I think it is funny that the doomsayer goblin’s TV channel is just like another IRL goblin (**coughGlennBeckcough**) I think there is a joke about his stupid new online network in here.

  21. JesRaven

    @Sage: You aren’t the only one. Ever since I heard of this pet, all I could think of was…. I have to choose ONE of my characters to give this to? I’m an altoholic, and unfortunately, not made of money… or gold.

  22. Ekaaksha

    Meh. I don’t agree with Blizzard heading the way they are, but really, who can say they are surprised? The worse thing that ever happened to Blizzard was the merger with Activision.

    As for the pet? I can’t see it going for much more then 3-4K.

  23. Grakkh

    Gold pretty much literally grows on trees in WoW, I REALLY don’t give a steamy poo-pile if someone wants to sell for gold mini-pets that they bought with real money. I’ll still have my gold, and that’s plenty enough for anything that I need gold for……. whenever I end up resubscribing.

  24. Idiotank

    PLEX? that is okay noone plays that game and will get the reference

  25. araquen

    The pet is not going to be worth much, no matter what the AH conditions.

    The TCG pets are worth a lot because they’re hard to find. You have to buy a lot of decks and hope a pet (or a mount) is included.

    Every idiot and their brother is going to be posting these $10 pets because every idiot and his brother can go buy one – 100% guaranteed pet for $10. The market’s going to be saturated.

    Personally, I wouldn’t spend more than 50 g in-game for the pet, and wouldn’t spend more than $0.99 to buy one…maybe $1.99 TOPS. The $10 price tag is acceptable for BoA, but certainly not BoE.

  26. Treee

    gunna have to agree if anyone worries about this thing being ‘legal gold buying’ you’ll all change your minds because the pure fact that it probably wont be BoA combined with the fact that since it’s legal they wont get nearly as much as they would if they just bought the gold means the market for selling it wont be that huge. Also, lets face it no one is gunna spend like 10k-15k on a pet that they could just get for 10$

  27. Narach

    It starts with pets… then PLEX. Nice link there 😉

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