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If George Lucas had designed World of Warcraft, Tier 2 would suddenly look like Tier 13 and everyone would have pretended like nothing had happened.

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  1. Swinny


    no no no no no. because if that was t2, then the alarms would have gone off, telling us it was t2.

    *alarms go off*


  2. Sarahjane

    I love it! That’s along the same lines that I thought when I first saw it.

  3. haggi


    though wouldn’t it have been ‘six million gold hunter’?

  4. Taronar

    Hehe. Take tier 2. Paint a bit. Publish on site and nobody will ever mention that it is basicly the same… Oh wait!

  5. Bulltank

    Nice one! lol

  6. Wurtane


  7. Uriah

    But does he have a bionic left eye with a 20.2:1 zoom lens which surpasses even the latest Bio-Optic Killshades available today? And native support for an Extreme-Impact Hole Puncher arm-extension?

  8. Erran86

    Hey now Dragonstalker is my fave set! 😀

  9. JesRaven

    I feel bionic already! I wanna be deepser, too!

  10. Crestllinger

    Fitting name. I wonder if that’s how much Orlando Bloom made?

  11. maryaustinphoto instant nocorner itxtalt

    I love the Daily Blink for the sheer fact that you guys consistently point out the idiosyncrasies in wow that make me chuckle in my head and make them available to everyone. And in a way that is actually funny. Because I’m not funny at all. :)

  12. Alayea

    The funniest part about this comic strip, to me, is how frighteningly plausible the theory is. xD

  13. Kroton

    xD love the name, ridiculous how many people use stupid names like that

  14. blarguna

    Damn, you Lucas! Why did you have to change the originals?!

  15. Halthak

    The thing that worried me about this recent set was how blizzard described their process: along the lines of “so basically, hunters like to wear the stuff they kill, and you kill a lotta dragons, so there you go.”
    It makes sense, but that’s why I think it’s so boring: the hunters have TOO strong of a theme. We’ve already worn dragons, spiders, gronn, and that fire-dude’s face (hello silence of the lambs.) What do we wear after dragons, without being let down? *coug*murloc*cough*. Frankly, I won’t be happy with this theme unless I get to wear an orc or goddamned sargeras.
    Our armor rarely resembles mail, and we don’t really get that many unanimously great sets (I prefer t4 and t5, t1 wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so lo-res, and I was never a fan of t2 in the first place) unlike paladins or warlocks that can all point to at least one set and say as one “that is awesome.”
    And worst of all, the “we kill things and wear them” theme was stolen from us by Warriors, who actually get to look like deathwing! It’s not the best look, but I still think it’s terrible that we get sloppy seconds to the dragon parts when, dammit, that’s all we get.

  16. CorporalPunishment

    I predict a joke regarding the mini-Winged Guardian soon.

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