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Okay, I need to give someone a hug now.

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  1. Samaramon

    That’s the cutest! 😀

  2. lorens

    “Bring the player not the class”. Right.

  3. Shockinawe


  4. Kliker

    Loved It! Loved it! Loved It!!!! There’s noting else I can say right now! Fun, meaningful and absolutely amazing! Normally The Daily Blink come out with really nice strips, but this one?! WoW! why you might ask, the story is touching ( even if i only play druid) and very well elaborated, the illustrations are through the roof, overall, its perfect! i Advise get Henrik Johansson on your team for all strips! he really made your message stand out! Keep Up the Awesome Work!!! Long time fan!

  5. Banhammer

    I feel Totey’s pain, Shaman seems to have lost much of their imbaness since the Alliance got Shaman in the form of Dreanei! I can’t wait for even a small part of that former glory to come back :)

  6. Mikeztarp

    A children’s book, classy. :)

    Love the ZG troll’s face and the crumpled remains of Nelly (he goes by Deathwing now, but his real name is Neltharion, and all his friends used to call him “good ol’ Nelly” – no wonder he went psycho :P).

  7. sandraro

    am i the only one that sang the whole thing ?

  8. Medros

    no Sandraro, no you are not. 😀

  9. Talnot

    So glad you did this, as a Shaman now for a couple of years I’ve been sick of the way Shamans have been nurfed through the floor. Hoping Blizz turn it around soon!

  10. Esinem

    Awwwww. So cute..

  11. Sage

    Awww, Totey. Still wearing the Zul shoulders! You’ll get your chance. I would love a shaman for our raid team: they’re my favorite class after druids. And the artwork here is awesome. =D

  12. Michael

    I don’t think enough can be said about the talent of our artist here. I love looking at this.

  13. haggi

    aaand just like that you guys went from being ‘gag artists’ to just being ‘artists.

  14. Jesz

    Really really good, love the art!!! You guys are awesome 😀

  15. CroquePeon

    This strip is just the most epic one posted on DailyBlink. Poetic, cus i do think a lot of shamans felt the same before leaving their toons at lvl 80. But also cus it’s real : even best world guilds never group shaman for their Firsts.

    I hope i’ll manage to translate this one to my website. Long live to DB

  16. inkbard

    I’ve always enjoyed your stuff, but this is so adorkable I just can’t stand it! As a shaman myself I would love to see this as a print for my wall…

  17. JSStryker

    As a shaman, I know the pain poor Totey feels when it comes to raiding these days.

  18. JSStryker

    This also needs to be a poster or something that can be purchased in your store along with you Desiderata take off.

  19. TooManyAlts

    Terrific strip!

  20. Zophor

    Everytime you stand in the fire Totey dies a little inside.

  21. Elderin

    Am I a noob because I bring not one, but two Shamans, to my raid?

  22. Tam

    I feel your pain, Totey.

  23. Snowbluff

    Hunters are worse, if I recall 😛 Bring the damn shaman. If we stopped bringing boomkin cuz paladins had the same buff, we’d have to bring hunters!

  24. Alayea


    Yes, you are sadly. And I speak as a raiding shaman myself (only raiding shammy in my guild, to boot). :(

  25. Alayea

    Sorry for the double-post, but I completely forgot the rest of what I wanted to comment on.

    The art is great! I’d love to see it again sometime soon. 😀

    I’m curious though; what prompted doing a strip about the shaman class? I identify with the sentiment of it and would like to know the ‘why?’ behind it.

    P.S. Am I the only one who sometimes has the song “Anything you can do, I can do better!” run through her mind when comparing the poor shaman to the other classes?

  26. Foo Bar
    Foo Bar

    I hope 4.3 and 5.0 will let poor Totey shine again!

    Hugs to all shamans, and best wishes for a prompt recovery from your current suckyness.

  27. phenyx

    actually anyone who puts down the option for a resto shammy in ANY relevant raid, providing the shaman knows their class, is asking to be made a ‘leeroy jenkins’ type person, as to not knowing anything about raiding. communist totem (spirit link) Mana flood, healing raid(rain), classic heroism if there isn’t a mage, and self-rez.

  28. Marvaleon

    This is adorable, my main’s a shaman whom I’ve never taken on any raids, and she’s been at 85 for a long time now.

  29. Runai

    This is the best. I absolutely love the art… am now in love with Totey. Please put out a poster with this comic/story. I beg you! <3

  30. Kral

    Totey I know your pain. This made my eyes cast healing rain. I to summon wolves of blue, and sometimes run as resto to. Lucky for me this troll is horde, and round here I’m adored. I sometimes eat that dranei race, tenderize with earthshock and seasoned to taste.

  31. Lunarsong

    I am really sad while reading this. Yes. This is exactly what shamans situation nowadays.

  32. Squeekers

    Aww Totey is too adorable! Nice job, Henrik. :)

  33. Bahamut

    I LOVE the Spirit Wolves faces… XDDD

  34. Billaxle

    I feel your pain Totey, i have the exact same problem with my mage “Runemaster” on Rivendare. Just replace “Unbalanced Class” with “Shitty computer from 2001 and no money to replace it with.” >.>

  35. Deanscream

    People underestimate my DPS as Enhancement. but no longer. Now I lol as I out-dps people in my 378 gear while they are half heroic FL geared. SUCK IT RETADINS!

  36. Zaprix

    *sniffles* Poor Totey… I know that pain. Our time will come again! Also cute art. <3

  37. Random

    This, this is BM during Wrath. Whenever I was BM in a dungeon I got pissed on by so many people. From people dissing me for using old AotV for regening mana- oh thank god Mana is gone, thank god! Or for NOT using a wolf or cat for OMG EPIC DEEPS in a dungeon that we were facerolling anyways!

    I even had a healer who let me die just because I said I liked running as BM/had more FUN as BM.

    And then when I dared actually somehow managed to do more dps than the tank? LOL A KICK.


    *hugs Totey*

    I feel your pain man, I feel it hard.

  38. Buhrag


    no, you dont feel his pain. you made a poor choice of spec, you could change easily and do more damage. no spec of shaman is in demand now, and honestly hasnt been at all since cataclysm launched. Homoginization has killed shaman. they need fixed.. bad.

  39. Lunashami

    Someone knows an email where I can reach Blizz devs? I want to send this to them. If this doesn’t convince them to give shamans more love, then what?

    Please, please fix shamans!!!!!!!

  40. Hyenasaurus

    That’s got to be the cutest shaman ever seen.

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