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The Headless Horseman is destined to become one of those employees at Disneyland that becomes way too excited about working the line at the Haunted Mansion.

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  1. Zoma

    Following his death, no one was able to locate his horse.

  2. ero

    I laughed

  3. Polybreaker

    i even read the poem in his voice. lol

  4. Bellatrixx

    Pls Mr.Horseman leave me your horse in your will… thank you!

  5. solitha

    You’re about to get a traffic spike… you got WoW twitted! Gratz!

  6. Ayatomi

    Well, the one that wonder where the horse is: It’s with me now, i caught it and now it is MINE!
    SELLING A HORSE! I belive it can fly, its ugly and The horsemans old horse. Giving a free cat with it!

    Also awesome picture xD

  7. Jenny

    This turned out so great, guys!

  8. mensa

    the ending was the best part 😀

  9. Malleus

    Face it heroes, you know he’ll be back
    For Magister’s Terrace was just a setback!

  10. Elderin

    Did you actually have to form a raid to kill him?

  11. Falos

    He’s funnier if you replace his laugh with a certain wealthy stereotype. OHHH-HOHOHOHO!

  12. Billaxle

    @Elderin No, but after what he did, he had it coming. 😛

  13. Music-chan

    For some reason, I don’t actually get sick of the Horseman’s rhymes. They just seem so fitting. And of course, he’s only around for 2 weeks a year.

  14. Crestllinger

    A rhyme is nothing to lose your head over. Mount drop rates are a Much worthier target to blow your top on.

  15. Uriah

    Nothing like a good ol’ raid-mob forming party!

  16. acinos

    i loved his rhymes, especially since my friends and i love oxhorn, so after the horseman would say “let my curse be your own, now feel the burn” one of us in vent would always say

    i think he wants to give us a venereal disease!

  17. Crystallius


    Probably one of my favorite enemies, though he does get tiring after you hear him like 5 times a day.

  18. Natty

    Prepare yourselves, the bells have tolled.

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