Though not mentioned by name and in an article having nothing to do with World of Warcraft, The Daily Blink got a really nice nod in the Arts section of the New York Times during their official review of Skyrim, referencing our own (albiet completely tongue-in-cheek) thoughts on the game:

There is now an entire generation of gamers that has grown up online (World of Warcraft is actually seven years old this week), and it has been fascinating watching those players react to Skyrim with such fascination and glee. A funny, insightful cartoon that compares those two games has been making the rounds online. As it points out, when you are a new Level 4 player in World of Warcraft, “You kill boars and collect apples.” When you are a new Level 4 player in Skyrim, “You beat a dragon to death and rip its soul through its neck.” Certainly, one feels more heroic than the other.

Really, in the end this is just a nice little ego boost and validation more than anything else, but we’ve been walking on air since we found out yesterday. Thanks for all the congratulatory tweets and Facebook replies, it’s a nice little bonus during this long holiday weekend.