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I attack the darkness!

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  1. Damien

    Lol,, epic win

    Love the new patch, had so much fun today doing all the new 5mans, LFR and even got Morchok down 1st try with my guild 😀 But did spend 3k gold on void storage, transmogging and reforging. Broke again /sigh

  2. Fhonax

    I cast Magic Missle!

  3. NecroMac

    I cast … Killing spree and Trololololo pick pockets/ambush all my raid members ^^

  4. Mikeztarp

    Chris Metzen’s email… xD

  5. JesRaven

    I didn’t think it was even possible, Light of Dawn is even less cool there.

  6. Sage

    Me to guildie pally tank:”Wow it’s dark here! Too bad cats can see in the dark so I still have to look at your ugly face.”

    Guildie to me: “Oops, sorry Sage, I judged you? Can’t tell the difference between one hairball and another.”

    Good times. Good times.

  7. Alayea

    For those who don’t get the reference in the alt text:

    Anyway, loved today’s Daily Blink. xD

  8. Igoar

    This reminds me of the Night Terrors quest. I had to make a map of the cave and put it on wowpedia.

  9. Aliok

    There should be a warning to not eat/drink while reading. I about sprayed my computer monitor with hot chocolate.

    Lol, then again, I ought to know better by now. XD

    Moste excellent comick!

  10. Fid

    Are there girls there? Because if there are girls there I want to do them!

  11. Trinitas

    Hahahahaaha, attack the darkness ftw.

  12. Crestllinger

    Please don’t be the Dislodged Foreign Object Relodged.
    Please don’t be the Dislodged Foreign Object Relodged.
    Please don’t be the Dislodged Foreign Object Relodged.

  13. wyndelyn

    Use the flameorb!!

  14. Billaxle

    Okay, but if there are any drops there i wanna LOOT Them!!! 😀

  15. Soeroah

    And somebody’s a-ga-wabbin’ ah-my butt.

  16. Bill

    Suddenly, a grue attacks you.
    You are dead.


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