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  1. Tokryva

    Loving it! But that last bit with the crossed out numbers is a kick in the balls.

    But funny still ^_^

  2. Lycanthrope

    Billy would approve.

    Last panel: :-6

  3. g0urra

    It’s funny how people think that a 64-bit client will change anything, despite the fact that WoW can already handle up to 4GB RAM thanks to the LAA flag (Large Address Awareness).

  4. bluspacecow

    As one of the stalwart defenders of the 64 bit client isn’t coming soon camp …

    I approve of this comic πŸ˜€ It is most lolzly.

    Also imma leave this here :

    Hear ye hear ye. MMO champion is wrong !

  5. bluspacecow

    @g0urra Shhhh don’t spoil their illusions ! It’s the Placebo effect !

    Trust in the beard :)

  6. figgityfigs

    lol @ last panel

    Billy Mayz is sure popular. Even Aion did a Billy-spoof for their new stuff just the other day on Youtube.

  7. Fhonax

    Pretty sure any 64 bit version can handle up to what, I think its about 8 GB of RAM for basic win7 and up to a max of 192 GB.A 32 bit can only handle a maximum of 3.5-4GB depending on the programme.

  8. George

    Search “Memory Limits for Windows Releases” for a full list from Microsoft.

    Some 32 bit versions of Windows Server can address more than 4GiB of RAM, but there is still a 4GiB limit per process. The LAA flag on 32bit that g0urra mentioned increases the limit on 32bit from 2GiB per process to 4GiB per process.

    Address space is more about futureproofing. Think how much memory most people had in 2004 compared to now and then extrapolate forward with Moore’s law.

    Aside from increased memory address space, some operations would be faster, particularly with high precision floating point numbers and very large integers (very large integers becoming more important when we start hitting for 12 megadamage crits). Both are easily doable in 32bit, it’s just faster in 64 because some things can be done in a single operation.

  9. PopeJamal

    Don’t be a hater. 64 bits means I can use more of my 16 GB of RAM. There’s no downside to this. At all…

  10. George

    Forgot to mention, a 64 bit executable can also call 64 bit dlls (e.g. \Windows\System32\d3d11.dll vs \Windows\SysWOW64\d3d11.dll) and doesn’t have to be run through the WOW64 emulation layer, both of which would probably improve performance.

  11. Orwy

    Fun fact: “bits” means “penis” in french.

  12. JesRaven

    I just hope the icon will be changed so I can show Large Icons on my desktop without seeing that clunky box… And 64-bit ponies sounds nice, too.

  13. haggi

    i’m running WoW on a linux box already, so i’m getting a kick, etc.

    though it will be nice to be using WINE’s 64 bit dependencies and finally unleash the full capabilities of the x-server upon my WoW client.

    nothing’s quite so depressing as your OS saying ‘holy crap this is some really outdated software, oh wait, it was written for windows, nevermind. here’s the dumbed down settings so it doesn’t get overwhelmed.’

    i think one of the guys that wrote the x-server has a strange sense of humor.

  14. Uriah

    But wait there is more! πŸ˜€

  15. Falos

    “You FOOL!” made me smile.

  16. Razvan

    really good !

  17. Alayea

    Last panel is the best. xD

  18. Kodiack

    Now that was one heck of an awesome comic. The “up to 3x the RAM access” part isn’t even close, though! A 64-bit application can address memory in the league of HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS more times than a 32-bit application. But I’m just nitpicking at this point. Give me my 64-bit ponies!!

    Oh, and hi Gourra and Bluspacecow! <3

  19. Kodiack

    By the way, George, I don’t know who you are, but you are definitely an educated person. :) You are also awesome!

  20. Darkmoon

    R.I.P. Billy Mays.

    I can hear his voice when I read this.

  21. Billaxle

    Am i the only one that read the second to last panel as “Its twice the bits! you FOAL!”? : ]

  22. JesRaven

    . In short, I agree with 64 bits, as long as it doesn’t make WoW look like Mario 64.

  23. JesRaven

    ‘s instead of [ ]’s ruin joke. Sorry for the double post. :(

    [Techno jargon] [Smart speak] [Number crunchosity]. In short, I agree with 64 bits, as long as it doesn’t make WoW look like Mario 64.

  24. jesus

    love the “hold over” comment, love the PVZ crazzzzzzy dave reference πŸ˜›

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