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Based on a reader suggested headline. I can't find who it was! Step forward, and take a bow in the comments!

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  1. Rondy

    “it had tied the value of ITS own”, not It’s.

  2. Dzmitry

    YESS!!!! BUY BUY BUY!!!
    *sounds horn*

  3. haggi

    eh. give it a week and you can prolly snag one for a couple hundred gold if you’re so inclined. give it a month and you could prolly get one AND get paid 100 gold for taking it.

  4. sivenom

    What are the current fire to winged kitteh transfer rates? :3
    And kitteh is mispelled on 2nd paragraph D=

  5. Novytech

    Haha. I loved watching that guy on TV. Don’t really care about how good/bad his advice was though. He was just amazingly entertaining at times 😛

  6. Scion

    Love this article! I had to snatch a couple up myself. :)

  7. Alayea

    “[…] Chinese sources assured The Daily Blink that they would be running Heroic Dungeons around the clock to compensate.” <– Both funny and sadly plausible.

    @sivenom: The current rate is 32.3 (repeating). You are also to pay 50 gold pieces to even see the trading screen, which may or not be working. 😛

  8. Sheldorr

    2 typos in one strip? Did Mike do this one….?

  9. Crestllinger

    Stronger than the Euro!
    More Recognized than the American Dollar!
    Rising Faster than the Price of Oil!
    The Winged Lion Cub!
    Get Yours Today!*

    *Buyer must have a Battlenet account. Limit over 9000 per customer.

  10. Michael

    No, Chris did. Hence the typos.

  11. Erycius

    Is that Piet Huysentruit in the picture? 😮

  12. Elzam

    But how will this affect the European kitty market?

  13. Kaima


  14. Murmur

    The digs at China were *almost* not cool, but the mental image of Jim Cramer screaming about the winged guardian cub is just too good. Hilarious!

    Remember there was a highly anecdotal and impossible to prove report about Chinese prisoners being forced to farm gold in WoW. It’s funny to joke about Chinese gold farmers, but the thought of real people being forced into it churns stomachs, no matter how easily dismissed the report.

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