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Brain Fart - Instant: Deathwing causes you to forget where you placed your housekeys, delaying your departure for an additional 3 minutes and causing the additional debuff 'Miffed'. Stacks up to six times.

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  1. Inkogni

    who let in the pvp geared warr in, hes getting hes resiliance all over the place
    (i ignore mogging 4 now)

  2. Brennan

    Haha, I love the final frame

  3. haggi

    i’m blaming deathwing next time i’m late to work.

  4. Sinamon

    hover text is even better

  5. Gazimoff

    Is there an enrage timer on that debuff?

  6. Erik

    Hover text = win… I also agree with the “who let the pvp geared guy in the raid” question…

  7. Elderin

    Tetanus is no joke, man. It can kill you in a few weeks. I’d drop a raid and get to the doctor if I ever got tetanus.

  8. Wurtane

    Ah…PvP gear. The reason why /kick exists. (That and the guy who eats all the fire and then asks, “WHY DIDN’T YOU HEAL ME?!!!”) Haha.

  9. Shirubia

    “who let the pvp geared guy in the raid”

    Are you sure he’s not using transmorphed gear?

  10. TaskWizard

    obviously transmogrified. All the hipster orcs transmogrify pve to pvp gear. And the tetanus probably is a serious thing in wow, armor rusts in rain, then scrapes you. would suck to fight death wing in the rain, kill him, save the world, then the entire group dies from tetanus while on their victory tour of orgramar.

  11. Tatlreach

    Uhm, this one just seemed like he was explaining the joke…which is never funny.

  12. JesRaven

    Don’t they have vaccinations in Azeroth?

    On a side note…. Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Blinkers!

  13. Crestllinger

    Trouble is most WoW players will get tetanus from being stabbed in the back with a rusty knife by their significant other for too much game time. Save yourselves! Get them to play too!

  14. Lyom

    You get Tetanus and Deth’wing begins to Hemorrhage – this fight has been designed by a doctor.

  15. No Yu
    No Yu

    Tetanus: Now in STD form.

  16. Temo

    Ah, the potential trolling by mogging you pve into pvp gear… :)

  17. Destroyer's End
    Destroyer's End

    For the nabs that haven’t killed him yet: Tetanus isn’t cast by deathwing… It’s a debuff that gets put on the tank by the large adds in p2. The more you know…

    However, I lol’d 😀

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