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  1. Baenhoof

    Lunchmeat, leaning post, foot rest- you name it, an orphan is a reliable and safe option!

  2. Drogra

    I live in Utah. I is sad.

  3. Inkogni

    /Justice Slap
    and no problem

  4. Medros

    It’s not wrong because Orphans are already dead on the inside.

  5. Lycanthrope

    Wait, that Orphan comes equipped with a Horde Balloon Pet(tm). That has to be a 15% extra profit surcharge.

  6. Asenath

    Undead guys are loveable. Undead guy with no apparent ulterior motives selling children in SW is freaking *awesome*.

  7. Baenhoof

    It’s not like they’re -people.-

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