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'Okay, now give me Frostmourne.' 'Uh... I can't.' 'I thought you had to do my bidding!' 'Yeah, well... it's a part of my character model.'

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  1. Sarahjane

    Ha! I love it!

  2. Uriah

    The Lich King, now doing Children’s Parties!

  3. Recklessbloodscalp

    Poor Artie. :(

  4. Arrowsmith

    Hey, Mr. DK? Marrowgar just Bonestormed all over the rug again. I’m really getting sick of having to clean this up.

  5. Talnot

    This made me giggle. Then it made me sad remembering how much gold I spent on repairs wiping on that SOAB.

  6. Alayea

    I don’t see the encounter ending well between Arthas and Saurfang….

  7. Mario

    was totally expecting deathknights to be taking control of undead hordies instead, but this was good too lol

  8. JesRaven

    Am I the only one who doesn’t hang around the AH in my raid gear?

  9. Miked

    Ha! Gold

  10. Badlilone

    Really good comic, but you should totally use him as main tank for deathwing.

  11. Kaima


    Poor Arthas though . . . humiliating indeed. :(

    JesRaven — I think that’s the Stormwind Cathedral. If they’re hanging around there in raid gear, probably just means it’s not an rp server. 😉

  12. Anarki

    That’s EXACTLY what I wanted to do when I saw this ability

  13. The Risu
    The Risu

    “I swear to Metzen.”

    So much win. 😀

  14. Kittydin

    @ Kaima Actually since that’s premonition, and Siiz confirming it’s THE Premonition. They’d be on Sen’jin. If anyone could control the Lich King it’d be premo.

  15. Knate

    You’d think finding a way to mind control bosses, get them out of their raid instances, and taking them to major cities would be a job for Goon Squad…

  16. Zoma

    As I was scrolling down, I expected to see Sylvanas.

    “Hey, look who has the plague now.”

  17. Snowbluff

    wtfbbq level 400 DK? No way he has enough hit die to control and undead with as much HD as Arthas >.>

  18. methian

    “I swear to Metzin”

    I laughed so hard, and I am soooo going to use that.

  19. Random

    Because of the last panel, I love that Worgen.

    @Snowbluff; it’s like the Beast aka infamous Corehound who had a ?? level but is tamable by hunters upon reaching lv 60 or now, lv 69. In reality Arthas was probably only level 83/85.

  20. Snowbluff

    @Random; Hmmm, good point.

  21. Alpha0727

    So, what happens in 5 minutes when the effects wear off? Is that when we get to start phase 1 because I really want to rip Arthas to shreds with my T12 transmogrified to look like T10.

  22. Taijavu

    This was so funny. “I’m sorry I wiped you so many times.” time to raise Illidan and cast the same spell.. huh old timers?

  23. Forestlord


  24. Octo

    This ability seems awfully familiar to me…
    Warlock spell Enslave Demon
    Enslaves the target demon, forcing it to do your bidding. While enslaved, the time between the demon’s attacks is increased by 30% and its casting speed is slowed by 20%. Lasts up to 5 min.

  25. Grayphus

    AHAHAHAHA! Worgastic!!

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