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When a Druid casts symbiosis on another Druid, they are granted Symbiosis. (The other druid, obviously, gets Seal form.)

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  1. NecroMac

    well, i always wanted to have invisible seal form for rogue 😛

  2. Spudless

    BAH HA HA HA HA, absolute gold

    keep up the good work guys

  3. ApolloTheHound

    Should’ve been Seal of Seal for Paladins imo.

  4. charriu

    Made my day :)

  5. Mikeztarp

    Woah, I hadn’t seen that ability! There’s no way that’s remaining as it is now, it would mess with people’s UI too much, don’t you think?

  6. Delakando

    Ha! Damn right Actually effective tanking! I play a druid, paladin, and warrior tank. My warrior beat the others easily.

  7. Nishiva

    As a mage I´m deeply confused by this error message I keep getting, my button doesnt work on land!

  8. Swinny

    I’m actually interested to see how this ability plays out.

  9. Ariamodasu

    I’m a Druid and dear God I laughed. So does this mean I’ll temporarily steal the DK’s voice for a better effect?

  10. Healßilly

    Seal Form is way to overpowered i demand a nerf!!!!!

  11. JJSon

    @healbilly no way man seal form needs to be flight form + the going ape trink

  12. Bulltank

    nerf mages

  13. Music-chan

    Well of course we’d give everyone Aquatic Form. It’s our most powerful ability and we’re just totally awesome like that.

    Wait, you mean…you didn’t know? Oh! Well….

  14. Kaima

    -cowers at the thought of invisible bears-

    awesome comic Chris & Mike

  15. danosky

    Druids will be banned from using Symbiosis on mages during raids, on account that the additional button that appears will confuse them.

    “WTF 2 keys to press 2 hard!!!1″

  16. myrddin42

    freaking awesome! love it!

  17. Elderin

    Honestly, I don’t get the Paladin joke.

  18. Calethal

    @Elderin Speaking as a paladin from back in the days of yore, I can explain. Our paladin buffs lasted for 2 minutes, and could only buff individually. By the time we cycled through the whole raid, we’d have to refresh the buff on our first target. We also got to out of combat rez if we were lucky!

  19. Alayea

    I can just see how my shaman would react…

    “I gave away my Bloodlust for the Seal form? B-b-b-but… I have water walking and water breathing!” /sob

  20. Crestllinger

    Druid+DK= Venom, nuff said.

  21. Lethosos

    As a doggy druid… ouch.

    On the other hand, they get shaved bear form… so win?

  22. Sheldon

    The old paladin blessings lasted all of 5 minutes. It made getting ready for a boss fight a real joy.

  23. JesRaven

    Ah, the Greater Blessings were a joy weren’t they?

    Then they made Blessings 10 minutes long…. and then they made them 30 minutes long and turned four blessings into two. In Mists, I fully expect to have only one blessing and one seal, because situational stuff is too hard to think about. God forbid I should have to make a choice. 😛

  24. Tradias

    Psh The pally I played beat the Warrior tank in 9 fights out of 10 on threat gen and ability. Warrior tanks who say they are better just aren’t playing with good Pally tanks 😀

  25. Brokart

    Nerf pallies… Wait what am i saying!!!

  26. Elderin

    @Calethal Wow. I remember those days. Whispercast FTW. You wanted your buff, you needed to tell me.

  27. Ben

    Symbiosis on Rogue:

    Druid gets: Stealth

    Rogue gets: Stealth

  28. ShroudViper

    Um guys. You got the Hunter part wrong. Druids gets to BE the hunter’s pet.

  29. snowllilyi

    oh and back in the day you would buff ppl and they would say.. aww i wanted might, and the mage would yell “i want wisdom” Pally power ftw! lol

  30. Dallanna

    This reminds me of the time, I think it was back in BC, when the developers had the absolutely BRILLIANT idea to put a damage reduction aspect on Forbearence. Needless to say, paladins hated it and threatened to toss it on every DPS class within eyesight, especially warriors. It was one of the few times they actually listened.

  31. Chambertin

    “Mark of the Wild lasts 2 minuets”
    Now thats damn funny and accruiate. Ahh, buffbot days were fun.

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