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Hey. Priest. You... want any Dream Dust? First one's free.

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  1. Novytech

    Now there’s a vendor i can trust.

  2. Katlamos

    that mouseover. That is basically how my friend roleplayed her mage and his addiction to “dust”

  3. Unrealhero

    I wonder if the will acept the new currency of Injustice points and Shame tokens.

  4. The Fran
    The Fran

    Blood Elves are addicted to magic in every way, shape and form. They are proficient in enchanting. Enchanting reagents are basically pure magic, right?

    This alt text is… not really farfetched.

  5. Falos

    I want 50 kilo of bloodthistle.

  6. cyanerd

    Bet he sells those 26slot bags really cheap… unlike a certain someone who only sells 10 slots and ripping your skin for them.

  7. haggi

    +1 seller, would buy from again!

  8. Uriah

    Makes me think of black Friday sales craziness 😀

  9. Aurora Nova
    Aurora Nova

    @Falos: You thistlehead! *shun*

  10. Alayea

    I bet Blizzard got the Intellect =/= Mana idea from General Evils. ‘Cause that idea really is evil.

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