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In a twisted kind of way, this kind of feels like the comedy sketch George Carlin would have written had he been born in 1986.

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  1. Ma Jok
    Ma Jok

    This is funny yet true, but keep in mind that Skyrim does have better graphs. but is too short.

  2. Ian
  3. Andy Kaye
    Andy Kaye

    @Ma Jok Skyrim’s main questline may be short-ish, but the ridiculous amount of side-quests, some amounting to just as long as the main questline, make up for that without fail.

  4. Steve

    Agree with you completely Andy. In August they “stopped counting at 300+ hours of gameplay” and were still making and adding content to the game. I’m playing and so are a few people from work, we’ve all done completely different quests and we’ve all been playing for hours.

  5. Chris

    Both the ancient evils at the moment are world-breaking dragons, too.

    What are the odds!

  6. Samson

    I used to play wow, then I took an arrow to the knee…

  7. Korvin

    @Samson: HAHA! Priceless!

    @Chris: I noticed that too. Deathwing the Destroyer vs. Alduin the World-Eater… Seems a bit too conspicuous for my liking. Alduin was cooler though.

    It did feel a bit too short. I didn’t do every MISC quest, so I’m going back to do them. This game does have some massive hooks though. It’s the only single player game I’ve ever played where I want to immediately start over and play again.

  8. Malfean

    Love the alt text, here. Baseball vs. Football for the win.

  9. Skyrim is much better than WoW
    Skyrim is much better than WoW

    Yeeeeah. Skyrim is much better than WoW. 1. It is one full game vs spend 100 dollars for just one part. 2. Much more rewarding (Get an ancient sword when you kill an actually hard boss.) vs LOL i just killed a giant dragon Mhmm what did i get? *level up* *ragequit*

  10. David

    I used to play wow then I took a hacker to my account

  11. Patrick Carey
    Patrick Carey

    I’m just tired of this genre – go do x and y and we’ll give you z after a cinematic cut –

    skyrim imho jumped into an already fatigued genre (of course – world of warcraft is the base) with more tech and perhaps a ton more eye candy – but the fun part with regard to characters is lacking. The whole model is wrong – it had its heyday a few years ago – and it kinda sucks for older players on any network who have managed to accrue more junk, by virtue of not ever sleeping.

    Lets not even consider those who just signed up to play and found that this is not the game they are looking for.

    Skyrim is doing exactly that right now trying to draw out a dead game with no longevity, except WoW already ran out its course. I will buy and subscribe to another mmorpg when there’s actually some new content in it – like your character can’t resurrect – ever – unless you know a guy.

  12. Magiepie

    I think WoW is better skyrim is an offline game yes i can admit it is fun but WoW is a MMORPG game. Yes what is up there is true but as you reach higher level the fun begins to start.

  13. MCMoFo

    Uh, Patrick, you do realize that Skyrim is NOT a mmo, right?

    To say “the fun part with regard to characters is lacking” clearly shows you’ve never played the game. The game experience is completely different from person to person as your skills and quests are 100% dependent on your play style. I have a handful of buddies who play this game as well, and none of us have had the same experience. It’s one of the most dynamic character experiences I’ve ever had in a game.

  14. seb

    I’ve played both and id say Skyrim is better. If i had read this post i never would of even tried that 10 day trial. This is hilarious and true and i quit WoW after day 4. I’ve been playing skyrim since day 1 and havnt gotten the least bit bored of it…lvl 43 now.

  15. shawnchen016

    i play both, love both but will take skyrim over wow any day…..mostly because its f2p?

  16. Violet

    I think that WoW is much better. Skyrim graphics are pretty amazing, but WoW just has a billion quests that are extremely fun to do with your friends or some people. Guilds and dungeons are very fun in WoW. This is an opinion.

  17. Hurtnalbertn

    I don’t think it’s “one vs the other”.

    I’ve been playing WoW for a little over three years now, still love it. I like to have all kinds of alts for different classes and professions.

    But I needed a change, and dusted off the Skyrim disc I got this past Christmas. I’d mucked around with it for a while, then rerolled, once I figured things out. I’ve been playing a new character (Khajit) for the past week or so, and now he’s level 21 or something.

    I find Skyrim a nice change lately, because it IS single player .. and .. I can use cheat codes 😀 I’m not in it for the “challenge”, I’m in it just to have fun exploring and feeling epic and doing epic deeds (both good and dirty). I only use the god mode cheat though, as levelling professions instantly kind of ruins things (except for lockpicking, damnit, I don’t have the patience for the Master locks at low levels.)

    No, I would never think of using a hack in WoW, and have never even used an exploit – I’m not that clever, and don’t believe in cheating when OTHERS are involved (except when I was a tabletop RPG GM, I might lie about one of my rolls to save a player character’s life …)

    Also, because I know I’m chiming in REALLY late, I’d like to add that some recent patch for Skyrim gives you the ability to level indefinitely, or at least collect every perk you can have, by making a level 100 Skill “legendary”.

    I like that, because I can eventually try all kinds of playstyles with only ONE character (my kitty), which might help in some stupid way with certain WoW classes.

    I’m going to be going back to WoW when patch 5.3 drops though, the Skyrim crypts are starting to get disturbing and depressing (I find embalming tools creepy).

  18. Hurtnalbertn

    Oh, and to mention, I bought Hearthfire and Dragonborn, too.

    I’m loving building my own houses. But I liked the Sunsong Ranch experiment, too, and hope the place can remain useful – or expanded – in the next xpac.

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