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  1. JSStryker

    Called my Representative and both my Senators to let them know my feelings on SOPA..

  2. hm

    I would love to email my rep, but honestly I don’t know how to phrase it.

  3. Dauphim

    Aye admiral, hear you loud and clear. Stop SOPA!!!!

  4. Influence

    The Internet as we know it will be utterly destroyed if this act passes. I can’t imagine what will happen if it does. Thank you Chris Hanel for making this.

  5. JesRaven

    SOPA may not be so bad if it targeted actual online pirates. I’m glad to see that TDB is taking up the call against this joke of a bill.

  6. Starzie

    Thank you for putting this out there! They vote again this Wednesday! Let your voices be heard, and call your Representatives!

  7. kral

    As a person who loves his internets, i approve this pirate.

  8. Alayea

    Yeah, I saw an advertisement in favor of SOPA a couple weeks back. Right off the bat, even though I’d never heard it before, I had a bad feeling about it.

    @JesRaven: Hopefully, we won’t have to deal with a DMCA 2.0

  9. Trinitas

    Yes, fight this tooth and nail. Petitions, letters, emails, phone calls. Let no member of legislature sleep until it is dead.

  10. Barriasri

    When you fight against the internet, it fights back- and wins.

  11. Crestllinger

    Take the SOPA box away from the politicians and watch the lot of them hang themselves once the cameras leave. SOPA on a Rope people let’s make it Happen.

  12. Crestllinger

    *Yhe hanging of it Not the approval
    *inserts tent cover on arse.

  13. QSilver

    I support the Internet.
    Down with SOPA.

  14. Meatcleaver

    Is there anything useful someone from Europe could do? I’m just wondering how much sense it would make for me to call an American politician for this matter (and wake him up in the progress with the difference in time zones)…

  15. Tatlreach

    lol I just got it (5 minutes after), he’s an online pirate and this bill is to stop such business. Anyway doin my part to oppose the bill.

  16. Pizzle Productions
    Pizzle Productions

    This SOPA buisness is all bad and all, but really, censoring what we see is sadly not a new thing on the Internet. Atleast this is law-making, so that people in America have a chance to stand up and give critque to the proposal.

    I do not approve that the USA goverment has the power to alter what I’m allowed to see – specially since I don’t even live in the country! But even still, I am much more worried of the things that we DON’T see going on when we search the web for information.

    I think it’s awesome that you take up big subjects like this on a parody site like this, but for those of you who are all worked up by these bad news, I think it’s in it’s place to show What GOOGLE and FACEBOOK is already hiding from the world – Without making any ethical thoughts:

    Ps: Sorry for breaking the humouristic spirit of this site – but I can’t help to be critical to what I read 😛 I’ll go back to silently enjoying your strips again now.

  17. ranluka

    Your phrasing doesn’t have to be eloquent. It’s more about bulk. 1000 simple
    “Say no to sopa” is better then 500 super eloquent letters.

    She’s not gunna read em anyways. You know how many letters reps must get? It’s probably some poor intern who counts em up and says “you got 324 letters saying they hate sopa”

  18. Forestlord

    SOPA will destroy the internet. there will be nothing worth going online for if it passes

  19. manos1234

    As long as I am european I can do nothing about that right?

  20. zealous

    If you’re a European (like I am) you can do your best to make this issue known, to make it impossible to just pass this bill quietly. The least we can do is “like” TB’s video and post it for our friends on Facebook. The bigger the noise from this – the bigger the chance this bs won’t go through. Doesn’t matter what part of the world you’re from, that’s the beauty of the Internet – you can make yourself heard regardless. And that’s what’s about to be diminished by this bill.

    Don’t make excuses if you’re not from the US.

  21. S. Riley
    S. Riley

    SOPA Is an Agent Provocateur’s Dream.

    If SOPA is passed by Congress, Private and Government Agent Provocateurs to censor free speech will need only publish Text at Targeted Websites that constitute (copyright infringement). Websites that have large numbers of posted comments and information could not possibly investigate every posting to avoid being shutdown by the Justice Department.

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