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  1. PG

    Aaah, the cold realism in this one…
    so glad I never did that when I hd neat gear..

  2. Lycanthrope

    Things like this keep me from LFD.

  3. Hmayonay

    Wow…I was in a run with that guy yesterday!!! Another member of the group and I were whispering that we really hate the guys that pull whole rooms, never let anyone stop to get mana or heal or re-poison or anything, then yell about how we all suck.

  4. Jenny

    THANK YOU. This is my BIGGEST problem with World of Warcraft, the meanies who make doing pugs really not fun. And I’ve been bugging Mike to make a strip along these lines for ages 😀

    Let this be a lesson, meanies! Be nice to people and they’ll be nice back.

  5. Soltaris

    Speaking as a tank (ironically, a Pally tank)…I fully endorse the sentiments of the mage in the above comic strip. If you want to run it despite the lack of tangible reward, fine, but being grouped with folks who aren’t geared to your level is no excuse to br a total jackass to ’em.

  6. JJSon

    LOL i sense some sort of connection with todays facebook status update

  7. Gaudaloht

    Well Actually he is kinda right
    i mean come on no one should be bellow tank dps

  8. Mike

    However, whenever I get online and pug. (mind you I became a father a year ago so I’m as casual as it gets) I consistently get grouped with mouth breathers who are so bad that I sometimes can’t help being mean to them.

    You know the ones I’m talking about, the ones that have been playing the game since BC and are still doing BC-DPS and refuse to learn even the most basic elements of the game.

    Im on the cows side in all this. It gets frustrating after a while.

  9. Svafa

    This reminds me of the healer we had on patch day who complained that our group took 18 minutes to complete End Time. Seriously?

  10. Heast

    If you can’t overdps a tank, you are doing it wrong. End of discussion. (Not talking about levelling dungeons)

  11. Fig

    Gaudaloht-If everyone is roughly geared, sure. If you are a full t12 tank in a group with people who just meet the ilevel limit, then odds are, you are going to out-dps the group. Now, if the dps gets out-done by a smite priest, then we have problems.

  12. Indigo

    Its the wisest truth ever in a pug. Especially when towards the end of za/zg and firelands came out

  13. Igoar

    I’ve been on both sides of this conversation. I was right both times XD

  14. Esinem

    What shoulders is that paladin wearing?

  15. Michael

    The art is t13 warrior, offset recolor.

  16. Dubrichius

    They look like they may be the t13 Warrior look-alike shoulders you get either with Valor Points, or from the Dragon Soul raid itself. That said, this is my first time commenting on a webcomic, and I love the work these guys do. Keep it up!

  17. haggi

    heast: what about us tanks who naturally do high dps/AoE tank larger pulls?

    my overalls as a tanking DK are generally in the 12-14k range much of the time. 10k minimum.

    i’ve seen bear tanks pump out 19k in 5-man content.

    your statement needs some quantification because it’s very easy for tanks to do an unholy fuck-ton of damage. even more so if they’re the best-geared person in the pug by a long shot.

    on the strip: i’ve said before, when i DPS and i’m on top, i never say a word unless someone goes ‘woah, hey now, anyone else notice how the DK is doing double our dps?’

    unless someone ELSE goes ‘ you guys suck 4 deeps’ and such, and then i’ll simply comment ‘might want to get your own dps higher there, mr 14k hunter.’

    anyways, TL:DR – it’s relatively easy to out-dps a tank. unless the tank outgears you by a healthy margin(such as you just started running heroics). then you’re never catching up unless you’re in a class/spec that has tremendous AoE power and the tank is an AoE tank. then you might eke out ahead.

    but when gear is equivalent, yeah, the tank’s usually going to be 3rd or 4th on the list.(i say third because i’ve seen a TON of people in dungeon PuGs who can’t/won’t do over 10-12k dps, and it’s easy for a tank to pass that for his overall damage).

  18. Uriah

    I see what you did there :)

  19. TooManyAlts

    This is why you shouldn’t piss off someone with his own comic LOL

  20. Elderin

    I’ve been in groups where, as a healer, I’ve had higher DPS than players. And that was with a Resto Shaman without the Telluric Current build. I won’t even talk about how many groups my tanking Paladin or Warrior have had top DPS……..

    And I’ll freely admit I’m not an elite player. I’ve only downed two bosses in the FL raid on heroic.

    The vast majority of the player base is bad.

  21. Kaima

    Ow, I hurt now. I laughed for five minutes straight on this one.

    Agreed with Haggi, gear can make a huge difference in dps and there can be a huge variation of gear in LFD pugs.

    At the same time, there are some people who are just plain bad. I tanked an H ZG run about a month ago where I thought mobs were taking a bit longer to die than I’d expected, was so focused on holding aggro & watching all the things you watch as a tank, I didn’t really think about it. At the end, a warrior dps stuck around & commented that it was pretty sad to see a hunter in full Firelands gear pull only 9k dps.

    Elderin, if you’re running into consistently bad players in random pugs, try switching to a different battlegroup, see how it goes. I recently transferred my pally tank from Moon Guard Alliance (Emberstorm battlegroup) to Azgalor Horde (Ruin battlegroup) and found the *average* H ZA/ZG pug in the Ruin battlegroup was on par with the top 1/3 of the Emberstorm pugs I’d seen.

  22. Wurtane

    Haha, it’s so true too…

  23. Adam

    But if he doesn’t need anything, why is he wearing the Ramkahen tabard?

  24. Druzloe

    I have seen this more times than I can think, oh so very true.

  25. Trinitas

    That’s right, eviserate them in fiction! Word of the wise- don’t piss off people with webcomics 😉 It’s okay to get mad if someone keeps standing in the fire, it’s okay to be mad if someone is a pull the entire room and go go go go go go douchebag. It’s really not okay to be a complete jerk to people who are like 30+ points under you in item lvl. Interestingly, my weapon was way under geared (had a hard time getting my hands on better) finally got a crafted improvement and my dps jumped 4k. Gear MATTERS.

  26. haggi

    adam: because honestly the ramhakahen tabard is kind of pimp.

    fwiw i kinda like the gilneas tabard, myself.

  27. Talnot

    That is far too true. I just dinged 85 on my Warrior, got some basic tank gear going and got into my first heroic on her. The very first thing someone says to me? “Oh you’ve only got 130k hp, you can’t tank” How the hell are you supposed to get better gear if jerks like that don’t think you can join them?!

  28. Crestllinger

    Considering this tank is one of those using that LFR expoit bug..*steps to the side as the Ban Hammer looms.

  29. Medros

    Hell I am this guy. I hate bad dps. If I’m tanking and out dpsing everyone, it’s sad. I’m just a paladin, I expect those numbers on my dk tank, but 10-12k should not be that hard to beat (i’m looking at you mages). I don’t berate gear though. I worked hard for my gear, and have all 4 level 85 tanks, so I know when you start heroics, you suck balls no matter your skill level. You buy what you can, and build the rest one tragic ZG at a time.
    I do call out players on retarded moves, usually give them a chance or two, but seriously, how hard is it NOT to kill the berserker in zg? When you tank a lot you see a lot of bad players, but you can make up for them and even bad healing with skill and gear. It’s just annoying that it takes so long to clear a simple heroic b/c they didn’t feel like shelling out the 2k a couple of pieces of gear would cost…

  30. Scuzz

    I love it, but it loses the realism at the end. When does anyone EVER votekick a well geared tank, no matter how much he deserves it?

  31. godpigeon

    Had one of those in the HoT 5mans myself on my least geared alt and first run for me and rest of the other players on that toon. It was a DK going off on how “if DPS doesn’t do 20+K DPS they shouldn’t be here” shamed him by saying that if he thought we shouldn’t be there, kick us. He just bailed.. got a pally tank about the same gear and we wiped once for stupid reason and not again. That was after 3 wipes on the first boss with the first tank.

    Trust me sometimes the elitist tanks are worth kicking or shaming off, got one that not once said we had too low DPS and just did it.

  32. Medros

    It happens. I had 4 piece firelands and have been kicked b/c the healer really, really sucked, but the dps and him were all in the same guild. I mostly just leave.

  33. Kish

    Due to Blizzard and their valor point system, well-geared tanks often have to do randoms just to cap out on valor every week, especially with the new raids. Or they want a chance at a rare mount that they aren’t able to farm for whatever reason in the satchel. Or they’re looking for that last piece – my friend who’s just killed Deathwing has a 359 shield on his warrior tank – he’s got the worst luck with Baleroc.

    Doing good dps with a tank isn’t hard – it’s arguably easier to dps as a tank in 5mans than to dps because tanks have many abilities designed to hold aggro (thus, damage) on multiple mobs. My newb dk that just hit 85 a week ago is able to pull about 20k dps in most instances overall with ilvl 355 gear. My 390 bear generally finishes instances with 35k+ dps. Comparatively, it’s actually ridiculously hard to hit those numbers in dps specs with the same level of gear. Most people just haven’t realized that because outputting good dps is generally -not- something you see tanks go after, so they’re more focused on awareness, positioning, cooldowns, etc. But when someone’s got those down pat, their tank dps skyrockets.

    Granted, the above is true only in instances with a bunch of multi-pack pulls that aren’t cc’ed. Single target, tank dps is sorta bad. My bear caps out around 25k single, and the dk drops to like 13-14k but still, that’s a decent amount. With the vengeance change, I have yet to be outdamaged by any dps on any 5man that I’ve tanked with a variety of toons.

    /shrug, tanks winning the meters is more or less a fact of life now.

  34. Ebonhoof

    … recount looks like that

  35. Snowbluff

    I normally never have this problem. Mostly because my gear doesn’t suck 😛

  36. Galashin

    Is the pally obnoxious? Yep.
    Is the mage even more obnoxious? Yep.

    If an instance couldn’t be cleared by a group of 5 people each putting forward the effort/skill you are, then you shouldn’t queue. A DPS doing less damage than the healer is the epitome of such a case.

    Furthermore, the pally isn’t even shown berating the group until after a wipe, during which the other players clearly demonstrated that they shouldn’t be queuing. As written, this isn’t a complaint based on missing gems, max health, item level, achievements, etc. The pally, it seems, gave the group a chance–which was promptly used to demonstrate an impressive degree of ineptitude.

    The only problem with the pally is how he’s making his points, NOT the points themselves. It can be solved by typing /ignore. It seems like a safe assumption that the pally is meeting the inherent social contract into which he entered by hitting the “Join Queue” button: he is probably holding aggro, and presumably mitigating damage.

    The problem caused by the mage (and to a lesser degree, the rogue and warrior–we’re unable to determine from these images if the healer has demonstrated incompetence) can only be solved by kicking him or accepting a personal penalty (deserter/requeue). The mage (and possibly the rogue and warrior) has completely failed to uphold the “Join Queue” inherent contract: he is in no way an asset to the group, and, assuming that meter isn’t a fluke, a group composed of 4 like-minded, -prepared, and -skilled players would NOT be able to complete the instance.

    So which one’s worse?

  37. Sigismund

    usually I get 3 types of pug grps

    first type : 1 well geared dps pulling 25k-30k dps and 2 others doing 6k-11k dps
    second type : a mixture of gearing players pulling 11k-15k dps
    third type : 3 well geared dps who know what they are doing( who won’t prefer a group that can clear the dungeon quickly?)

    playing a paladin n bear tank I’m usually 2nd or 3 rd spot on the dps meters and considering the new venegence changes I expect myself to be staying there in the long run

  38. Impire

    I think I had this guy when I was leveling my mage the other night! He was wearing full BOA gear and pulling entire rooms, and just kept running. If it weren’t for the proc party that is fire mages, he would have kept pulling mobs out of my casting range the entire dungeon. Everyone had terrible dps, ran out of mana, even the melee were having trouble hitting anything because he just kept everyone running. Then he aggroed a boss, told us we all had terrible dps, that we had ruined it for him and left party with his guildie, the healer.

  39. Lottadotz

    Gear != skill. Just saying, I’ve just hit 85 one a new char before and I’m obviously not topping the charts or anything, but beating tanks has NEVER been an issue, regardless of my gear level.

  40. Eranith

    Ok, as a tank who out dps’s my dpsers often, its kinda fine with me to do that in an instance. I’m there for what I want, but the fact that they have bad gear is because dps queues take FOREVER and it seems no tank or healer is sympathetic to that, they just expect thier dpsers to be able to grind as fast as thier instaqueues.
    Everyone is allowed to suck, NOBODY is allowed to be a dick and then not expect a negitive reaction.

  41. anon200

    I’m that guy,(literly have the same gear)
    I lfd low lv heroics for the satchel and the fast clearing

  42. WimpyMcWeaksauce

    Usually I just link the meters when this happens to me. They speak for themselves.

  43. Random

    Reminds me of a tank I had the other day on my war. In normal Stonecore. While leveling up. And I dinged 84 at the end of the dungeon. I was pulling 5-9k dps, I was always just 1k dps short of the tank but tbh I don’t want to top the charts, I want to live, and dps. And usually when I top the charts shizzle hits the fanzzles.

    So all a sudden after dragon boss; WAR Y U NO DO MORE DEEPS.
    Me: Not my main?
    me: well then trolololo cause this is a raid!

    I just play to have fun god damnit

  44. Banath

    Ima patient tank we all started somewhere but i do get frustrated if we are in HoT and your only pulling 4.5 dps after the second whipe i will kick you with a polite “needs more work on dps” we mostly are all adults and we need to remember that

  45. Galashin

    Queuing when you can’t fill your role IS being a dick. The pally’s a dick, for sure. The mage did less damage than the HEALER.

    Every single player should ask themselves the same question before queuing:
    If I grouped with 4 other players, each playing at my level of attention, interest, and skill, would the instance get cleared without undue hardship?

    If the answer is no (like if you do less damage than a healer), DON’T QUEUE.

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